Google Analytics

Close the Loop to send revenue back to Google Analytics
Overview of integration

Ruler’s official Google Analytics technology partner integration allows you to integrate your offline conversions as goals throughout the Google Analytics reporting suite.

You’ll be able to see revenue attributed directly to your conversions, such as calls, form submissions and live chat sessions. Then you’ll be able to see your exact ROI and ROAS directly within Google Analytics.

Key Benefits

- See data where you need it

- Track your marketing based on revenue, not clicks

- Use real-time data to optimise your marketing

How Ruler integrates with
Google Analytics

Measure your lead quality

Stop reporting success as impressions, clicks or lead conversions like form submissions?

Driving leads is important, but what about lead quality? While you might be generating leads, your marketing team has no oversight of which leads go on to become a customer. Integrating Ruler Analytics into your Google Analytics will allow you to pinpoint low and high-quality leads.

Optimise your marketing using real-time data

Ruler’s integration allows you to see revenue in Google Analytics in real time. And even better, you can measure which channels and campaigns are working the hardest to drive new customers or clients.

Once you know what’s working, you can optimise and track improvements. Before you know it, you’ll be scaling your budgets and scaling your business.

See which channels are driving the most leads, and revenue

Once integrated, we can feed constant data into your Google Analytics.

Ruler will add revenue attribution data to your acquisition reports, so you can understand how your marketing is working to drive revenue.