Track full customer journeys and leads directly and send the data you need in and out of HubSpot
Overview of integration

HubSpot is a popular CRM choice for marketers looking to link their lead management with their marketing automation and more. While it's a fantastic lead tracking tool, it quickly gets expensive for its more advanced features.

Key Benefits
  • Get 60 marketing variables about your leads and opportunities directly in HubSpot, including first and last click source, original landing page and others.
  • Scrape and automatically send your revenue data from HubSpot to key marketing analytics tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Bing Ads and more.
  • Get a true ROI and ROAS for your marketing campaigns and report back on revenue, not clicks, impressions or leads.
How Ruler integrates with

Enrich your sales leads

Supplement your sales opportunities with over 60 marketing variables to view your customer’s interactions over multiple touch points, including first/last click marketing source, landing page, keyword, page views and sessions. Provide your sales team with greater intelligence on prospects via a direct link to the prospect’s data within Ruler to view their decision making journey via various channels, sources and engagement with your website.

Evidence marketing impact

Provide proof of the success of your marketing campaigns by reporting on value rather than vanity metrics. Report on return on investment at channel, campaign and keyword level as prospects make their way through your opportunity pipeline.

Align sales and marketing efforts

By combining marketing and sales data in one place, your teams can take a collaborative approach to your commercial operation, understand what constitutes a quality lead, how marketing affects the sales cycle and optimise to generate revenue quicker.