Enhance your HubSpot CRM success with Ruler Analytics’ conversion data

The well-known software developer, HubSpot, offers a free CRM tool to equip your sales and customer engagement teams. With numerous features such as Prospect Tracking, live chat, pipeline management and meeting scheduling, HubSpot CRM is a great solution for closing deals and reaching quotas.


Ruler Analytics easily synchronizes with HubSpot CRM and provides information captured from your lead generating activities. These could either be from phone calls, web forms, live chat or paid advertising.
By adding over 60 marketing variables to your HubSpot CRM, Ruler Analytics feeds engagement information such as First/Last Click marketing source, landing page, keyword, GCLID, page views and sessions. You can even trace your lead’s journey through your website.
In addition, Ruler fetches the information from HubSpot CRM and link your lead information to your Won or Lost Deals. Tracing your contacts and companies back to your marketing platforms such as Google Ads, or Facebook, the sales and marketing teams will be completely aligned.
You can now measure the return on investment per marketing campaign based on revenue rather than speculation.

Key Benefits

  • Sales and marketing data aligned in a single view
  • Empower sales team with lead intelligence
  • Evidence the effectiveness of marketing campaigns to drive both leads and revenue
  • Visibility of impact of marketing activity across the sales cycle
  • Close the loop between marketing and sales

How Ruler integrates with Hubspot CRM


By getting a clear view from a lead’s first engagement to the moment a deal is signed, you can see the most effective marketing campaigns. You can focus investments in the channels and platforms which bring you most revenue.


Having a single data source for your Sales and Marketing teams, your customer operation can join their efforts for the most efficient engagement and sales approach. This will form a more cohesive messaging and sales process.


Offer your Sales team a boost in knowledge with over 60 marketing variables which offer valuable lead insights. Your sales specialists will be able to tailor the customer acquisition process based on relevant lead data.





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