Connect LinkedIn data to attribution tool Ruler Analytics for a full customer journey view

Overview of integration

LinkedIn is a B2B social media platform that allows professionals to connect with one another. With both organic and paid options, businesses can use it to reach relevant audiences and educate them on their product and proposition.

Integrating Ruler Analytics and LinkedIn allows marketers to better understand how their efforts on social, both organic and paid, are paying dividends for your bottom line.

Key benefits

There are a number of integrating Ruler with LinkedIn. We know how hard it can be to distinguish if LinkedIn is driving impact from both an organic and paid perspective.

While we're starting to support businesses with impression data, we offer a great way to attribute paid LinkedIn ads to your inbound leads and sales.

You can:

  • Connect your anonymous website visitors to your closed leads and view accurate source data
  • Understand how LinkedIn is driving leads and sales throughout the funnel
  • Attribute closed revenue in your CRM back to LinkedIn for both organic and paid campaigns

Key features

Connect LinkedIn to inbound leads and sales

If you use prospecting campaigns on LinkedIn, you might wonder how to connect this touchpoint to closed sales in your CRM.

By connecting Ruler, you can ensure every touchpoint is tracked and added to a customer journey. It will give you definitive proof on how LinkedIn ads are impacting your leads and revenue.

Prove LinkedIn as a lead source

Tracking leads is tricky enough. But connecting your true lead source to your CRM is even more difficult.

Usually, your CRM ends up pulling through the lead source as the source which closed the lead. But often there are steps that happened before then that first attracted that lead. With attribution in place, you can make sure this is accounted for.