Measure the impact of LiveChat live chat sessions using Rulers' revenue attribution

Overview of integration

LiveChat allows marketers to integrate a conversational tool directly onto their website. With all the necessary tools and features, marketers can use this live chat tool to start, move along and end customer journeys.

Key benefits

  • Track every conversation as well as every conversion so you can see the true value of live chat
  • Measure closed revenue, no matter the source
  • Attribute sales via multiple model types to ensure live chat is supporting your customer journeys
  • See which channels, campaigns and even landing pages are getting the most live chat sessions

Key features

Track every conversation and conversion

Evidence the need for a live chat tool by tracking each conversation and conversion it creates. By monitoring revenue generation and linking sales made back to live chat, you can definitively prove its impact.

Understand full customer journeys

Customer journeys are getting longer and longer. But by integrating your live chat tool with Ruler, you can track full customer journeys from start to end. That includes every live chat conversation too.