Integrate Marketo with Ruler for greater understanding of what works

Overview of integration

Marketo is a marketing automation tool used by many marketers to better plan, schedule and report on their marketing activity. It allows users to target qualified leads with personalised marketing messages across campaigns that ultimately drive revenue opportunities. 

Integrating Marketo with Ruler is a common solution to achieving marketing attribution.  Ruler Analytics, allows users to connect closed sales back to marketing touchpoints based on a series of attribution models. 

This means marketers are left with deeper insight into what works, and what doesn’t, so they can optimise their strategy and their budgets. 

Ruler Analytics, an official Google technology partner, allows you to link your Marketo campaigns to closed revenue by tracking users on your website at every touchpoint. 

Ruler collects data until a user becomes a lead. At that point, Ruler fires the data held on that lead into your CRM.

Then, at the point of sale, Ruler's passes all of the revenue data back into back into Marketo. So, you can see within the apps you use most, what’s driving the most meaningful results. 

Key benefits

Marketo is a fantastic marketing automation tool. And while it does offer attribution software as part of an advanced package, it comes at a significant cost. 

But, despite it’s built-in integration, Ruler can still integrate with Marketo so that you get the same data, where you need it most. 

With attribution in place, you can better understand the impact of your marketing.

Some key benefits include: 

  • An aligned view of your sales and marketing data
  • Bottom line data on how ads drive revenue
  • Empowered marketing team with data on ad performance
  • Visibility of impact of marketing activity across the sales cycle

Key features

Calculate your true return on ad spend

Not sure what your return on ad spend is? If you rely on offline conversions, or tend to see customers need a long sales cycle, then we're not surprised. But even if you're a full eCommerce company, you're missing data.

Marketing automation can be used to send the right message at the right time, to the right person. But how do you know if it’s had an impact? Especially for channels like email, it can be hard to automatically link back results without a lot of manual labour. 

With Ruler in place, all the hard work is done for you so you can see all of your marketing results, right in the apps you need to see it. Whether that’s Marketo, Google Analytics 4 or more. 

Tracking offline conversions

Do your sales tend to come from phone calls, live chat sessions or form submissions that result in emails or store visits?

Our tracking software will monitor each touchpoint within every customer journey and attribute those offline conversions to the marketing channel or campaign that influenced them.


Optimised strategy 

Marketers can often fall into the lead generation trap. If a marketer is seen to be driving a lot of leads, then they’re doing a good job. But the reality is, a lead doesn’t equal revenue. 

You could potentially be driving hundreds of poor-quality leads which not only wastes your time and budget, but it also wastes your sales team’s time too. 

With an attribution tool, you can still track inbound leads, but you can see that number against sales and revenue too. This means you get an understanding of what’s driving high-quality leads, so you can improve your strategy.