Connect attributed revenue data to your Whatagraph reports for powerful and beautiful data visualisation of what matters most

Overview of integration

Whatagraph allows marketing professionals to track campaign performance across a wide range of channels. Their robust reporting tools lets you build customisable visual reports, monitor multiple channels at a glance and automatically distribute reports to your team.

Integrating Ruler Analytics with your Whatagraph account allows you to connect your Whatagraph channel analytics with Ruler's tracked conversion data such as phone calls, form completions and live chat, alongside attributed revenue data from new opportunities and closed deals for a complete picture of your campaign effectiveness.

Key benefits

  • Visualise the impact your campaigns and channels have on lead conversion and driving revenue
  • Connect attributed revenue data to your existing reports
  • Sync calls, forms and live chat conversion data to Whatagraph with ease
  • Create cross-channel reports and analyse Ruler's attributed data against other channels

Key features