Attribute Xero revenue to the marketing activity that generated the sale

Overview of integration

Xero provides easy to use accounting solutions for businesses of any size. By connecting Xero with Ruler Analytics you can match closed sales data with your lead generation activity to evidence the impact of your marketing campaigns and make data driven decisions based on revenue.

Key benefits

  • See how your channels, campaigns and keywords have impacted revenue
  • Optimise based on value based metrics
  • Send revenue data to Google Analytics, Ads, Facebook Ads and other reporting tools

Key features

Provide proof of the success of your marketing campaigns by reporting on value rather than vanity metrics. Report on return on investment at channel, campaign and keyword level as prospects make their way through your opportunity pipeline.

By combining marketing and sales data in one place, your teams can take a collaborative approach to your commercial operation, understand what constitutes a quality lead, how marketing affects the sales cycle and optimise to generate revenue quicker.