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How to create leads in Intercom and attribute them to marketing

How to create leads in Intercom and attribute them to marketing

Intercom is a valuable tool for marketers and sales teams alike. With the demanding level of real time connectivity expected of brands today, Intercom is the ideal platform to provide instant messaging and conversational input in a streamlined way. 

Connecting with your leads and closing deals through the power of communication, Intercom allows you to optimise your communication strategy in one place.

While it’s brimming with benefits for marketers, Intercom alone doesn’t attribute your leads to the marketing campaigns that brought them to you in the first place. You can create leads in Intercom, and use your favourite CRM app to bridge in the gaps for you.

Here’s our guide on how to create leads in Intercom and attribute them to marketing.

How to create leads in Intercom

The first step in attributing leads to marketing campaigns is to create the lead in Intercom. You can add multiple leads at once, a great tool if you’ve had an influx of new leads.

  • Visit the Contacts page in Intercom, where you’ll see a blue New users or leads button in the top right corner.
  • Click this button and a dropdown will appear. Choose between the Create new user or Create new lead options. To create a lead, you’ll click the lead option - though this process can be followed to add users too.
  • A window will appear prompting you to enter contact information for the new lead.
  • Once filled, click Create a lead. You can now view their profile, view any previous or current communications with the lead, and add notes. You can start a conversation, view their contact details, and edit their information.

Seamlessly attribute leads in Intercom

While setting up a new lead in Intercom isn’t a complicated process, and you can even import, it can become time consuming. Even when your lead is created in Intercom, there are no clear marketing attribution tools. This means it’s difficult to pinpoint the channels through which your lead was generated, and you therefore don’t have any data to go by in considering your ROI on marketing efforts.

Rather than doing all the groundwork yourself, try Ruler Analytics. A streamlined marketing attribution tool that seamlessly collates and feeds your data into exactly the right places, Ruler is fast becoming the go-to platform for businesses.

Knowing where your leads interacted with your brand throughout their conversion process is an integral part of understanding how your marketing approach is performing. Ruler helps you to identify the exact touchpoints they made along the way, and figure out how to optimise the way you use various channels to draw users in.

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