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How to integrate Drift interactions with Google Ads

How to integrate Drift interactions with Google Ads

Pro tip: Download the guide on live chat tracking and find out which channels, campaigns and keywords generate the most valuable sales chats. 

Google Ad campaigns are a great way to drive traffic to your website, but it can get expensive quickly if not optimised. Marketers generally underestimate the power live chat tools like Drift can have on lead generation. And the issue they face to prove otherwise is a total disconnect between paid tools like Google Ads and live chat tools like Drift. 

But, when you can link your advertising to your live chat conversions, you can both prove your investment and optimise your campaigns. 

Ruler Analytics easily integrates with both Google Ads and Drift allowing for data to pass easily between. You can capture lead generation activity from Drift and send this to Google Ads to identify which of your campaigns, keywords and ads result in the most valuable conversations on your website. 

How to track Drift conversions in Google Ads

Follow the tutorial below and learn how to track your Drift conversions in Google Ads:

1. Log in to your Ads account and go to Tools & Settings > Measurement > Conversions.

2. Click on the plus icon in the top left, to add a new conversion action.

3. Select Website.

4. Under the Category section, select Other.

5. Add a name to your new conversion. For this example, we’ve named our conversion ‘Live Chat conversion’. 

6. Complete the following set up. When finished, click on create and complete. You can go back and modify your settings 

7. Select Google Tag Manager.

8. Copy the Conversion ID and the Conversion label. Paste the Conversion ID and the Conversion label and add it to the script below. 


var LC_API = LC_API || {};

LC_API.on_chat_started = function()


// track this chat in Google AdWords

var google_conversion_id, google_conversion_label, img;

google_conversion_id    = 'YOUR_CONVERSION_ID';

google_conversion_label = 'YOUR_CONVERSION_LABEL';

img = new Image(1, 1);

img.src = ''+google_conversion_id+'/?label='+google_conversion_label+'&script=0';



10. Add this script to your website, and if set up correctly, you should be able to track chat conversions from ad clicks in your Google Ads dashboard. 

How to attribute revenue to Drift conversions in Google Ads

As a Google Technology Partner, our integration allows you to pass sales and marketing data to Google Ads from Ruler as an event, allowing you to attribute revenue value at campaign and keyword level in Google Ads.

Capture each anonymous visitor over multiple touchpoints and traffic sources

Ruler monitors every single visitor to your website and stores data on their browsing history,  across multiple channels, ads and keywords. This allows you to track how many users are engaging with your live chat tool and how Google Ads is driving more or less to use live chat. 

Pass Drift conversion and marketing lead source data to your CRM

When your user engages with your live chat tool, Ruler will track and record this activity. If they convert into a lead, Ruler will then send all of the lead and marketing data on that user over to your CRM. This allows you to see data like their first-click source and landing page. 

Analyse the effectiveness of your campaigns at every stage of the pipeline

Many marketers don’t get a true reflection of how well a campaign performed until weeks, months or sometimes years after the initial conversion.  The opportunity stage report in Ruler allows you to track leads throughout the entire sales cycle and spot the opportunity stages that require more attention.

Attribute revenue from closed/won deals to your marketing tactics

When a lead agrees to a deal or completes a sale, their closed revenue will get sent back to the Ruler dashboard so that you can measure the impact of your marketing sources, campaigns, keywords and ads based on monetary values. Connecting Drift means you can see how many users engage with your live chat tool. You can filter this to see how marketing channels encourage live chat conversations and how these move on to convert into sales. 

Send closed/won revenue data to Google Ads and the tools you use every day

If you’re using paid ads on Google, then Ruler can scrape revenue data from closed leads and fire it to your Google Ads. There, it will be automatically attributed to the influencing ad campaign and even keyword. 

⚠️ Important note: Ruler Analytics integrates with 1,000+ web applications, allowing you to spend less time manually transferring data between your tools and focus more on your sales and marketing strategy. 

Want to learn more? 

Want to learn more about matching revenue from Drift with campaigns in Google Ads using Ruler Analytics? Get in touch to book a demo, and let us show you our software in action.

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