Offline Conversion Tracking made easy

Implementing offline conversion tracking means you can attribute leads to revenue and prove which online campaigns drove offline sales. This can help you:

  • Align sales and marketing activity
  • Measure true marketing ROI
  • Optimise marketing for high-quality leads and revenue

Don't lose visibility of campaign performance because your prospects are converting via phone, form, live chat or store visit. Offline conversion tracking allows you to track leads and understand what marketing channel generated them directly in your CRM.

Ruler Analytics can support offline conversion tracking for Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Microsoft, Facebook & Instagram.

How can Ruler Analytics help track offline conversions?

Ruler’s offline conversion tracking simplifies and automates attributing your offline sales to your online marketing. Once Ruler Analytics is integrated with your website, CRM and other key integrations, you'll unlock powerful data across the entire customer buying cycle.

You'll be able to see which channels are supporting lead generation, and which are resulting in conversion. This will allow you to optimise your marketing and your investment.

offline conversion tracking - how Ruler works

So how does Ruler Analytics track offline conversions?

Ruler Analytics tracks, matches and synchronises data at every step of your customer buying cycle, providing valuable sales and marketing information where you need it most.

Here's how it works...

  • Ruler will track anonymous visitors to your website
  • When a user converts into a lead (via phone, form submission or live chat), Ruler will send all the data on that user's customer journey to your CRM
  • Ruler will continue to track the user
  • At the point of sale, Ruler will fire all the revenue data back into your analytics software e.g. Google Analytics or Facebook Ads


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