Offline Conversion Tracking made easy

While marketers concentrate on driving high quality leads to their website, they can quickly lose visibility of campaign performance once sales departments get involved. Once a prospect engages with a business via phone, form or live chat, sales and marketing data can rapidly become fragmented as information on sales or deal value is tied in CRM tools.

Offline conversion tracking allows marketers to attribute leads to revenue and prove which campaigns drove offline sales. This helps businesses align sales and marketing activity, measure true ROI for campaigns and optimise ads based on value to drive higher quality leads.

Ruler supports offline conversion tracking for Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Microsoft, Facebook & Instagram. Visit our integrations page to find out more.

How can Ruler Analytics help track offline conversions?

Ruler’s offline conversion tracking simplifies and automates the process, seamlessly connecting your visitor, lead and sales data to campaigns as Google Ads conversions.

Once Ruler Analytics is integrated with your website, CRM and Google Ads, you’ll unlock powerful data across the entire customer buying cycle, allowing you to create multiple conversion goals within Google Ads, identify which ads were most profitable and optimise campaigns depending on your business objectives.

Ruler Analytics and the Customer Buying Cycle

Ruler Analytics tracks, matches and synchronises data at every step of your customer buying cycle, providing valuable sales and marketing information where you need it most.

Evidence marketing impact

Provide proof of your most successful marketing campaigns in driving offline sales and demonstrate your impact on revenue growth

Drive higher quality leads

Match revenue to leads in one place for better insight into how your most profitable leads behave

Get more from your Google Ads spend

Focus your time on the campaigns that generate the most revenue - and not just goals

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