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Small/Medium Business

(0-50k monthly visits)

Large Business

(50k-100k monthly visits)


(100k+ monthly visits)


(Bespoke requirements)

Small/Medium Business

(0-49k monthly visitors)

Large Business

(49-99k monthly visitors)


(100k+ monthly visitors)


(Bespoke requirements)
Indicative pricing provided, scaled based on monthly traffic volumes and product, data and integration requirements
All packages include the below features as standard

Marketing Attribution

  • Attribution modelling
  • Revenue attribution
  • Opportunity attribution
  • Web form attribution
  • Call attribution
  • Live chat attribution
  • eCommerce attribution
  • Offline conversion tracking


  • Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook Ads
  • CRM such as Salesforce, Pipedrive and Hubspot
  • Live Chat such as Drift, Intercom and SalesIQ
  • 1000+ integrations with tools you use the most

Call Tracking*

  • Dynamic number insertion
  • Static and offline call tracking
  • Click to call tracking
  • Call recording
  • Missed Call Alerts
*additional charges apply for number setup and call minutes
Additional features on request include

BI Integration

  • BI tool integration such as Tableau, and Power BI
  • Access to data visualisation templates within popular BI platforms

Data Operations

  • Open access to data via AWS SQS/SQ as JSON or SQLServer
  • Utilise querying capabilities through tools such as RedShift or Google BigQuery


  • Additional support for Marketing Operations teams
  • Consultancy on tech stack best practice


Call Tracking

Marketing Attribution

MA & 
Call Tracking

Advanced Level

Campaign & Keyword Tracking

Google Adwords & Analytics Integrations

1,000+ App Integrations

First Click Attribution

Last Click Attribution

Website Form Attribution

Live Chat Attribution

eCommerce Attribution

Revenue Integration

Phone Call Attribution

Any Number Type - Local or Freephone

50+ Country Types

Call Recording

Missed Call Alerts

Dynamic Number Insertion

Static & Offline Call Tracking

Data Warehouse Integrations

BI Tool Support and Integrations

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Ruler solves the disconnect between sales and marketing by seamlessly connecting the leads generated by your marketing activity to your sales reporting, and pushes valuable revenue data to the marketing reporting tools you use the most.
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