Do you know which leads generate sales and which are wasting your money?

There is a fundamental problem with marketing for lead generation. Leads, by their nature, are not sales. At least not yet. Your leads could be high value, or worthless. They could close into a sale tomorrow, next year or not even close at all despite visits from multiple marketing campaigns.

Whilst most people track form fills, other leads can also come through mediums such as phone calls and live chat and go unattributed.

You are spending a significant amount of time and money on your campaigns - knowing what really works is the difference between winning and losing.

Goals are Not Enough

Goal completions are not enough – different traffic sources, keywords and ads produce different revenue per lead and different lifetime values.

Without this insight it’s impossible to accurately calculate ROI from different marketing sources and optimise your campaigns accordingly.

If you’re running a marketing campaign and measuring success based on leads only, you have a gap in the insight that is stopping you improving results.

The Solution: Optimise For Revenue, Not Leads

Evaluating your campaigns the same way you evaluate business: by the amount of revenue it generates.

To find out if leads are turning into real sales and creating revenue, you need a process to track them and then match them with the marketing campaign or keyword that created them.

This added insight is what will drive your campaign to the next level.

Ruler connects website your leads to CRM

Ruler tracks each anonymous visitor to the website over multiple sessions, traffic source and keywords.

Ruler then tracks when they convert via phone call, form or live chat and matches the real user details to the marketing touch points.

Ruler sends the data into your Analytics, CRM and other products to enrich the lead with the marketing source information.

Close the loop - Send Revenue Back to Google Analytics & Adwords

When the sale is then closed into revenue Ruler ties this back into Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook & Bing so you can measure ROI and optimise you campaigns based on Revenue and not Goals.

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