Do you know which leads generate sales and which are wasting your money?

If you work in paid advertising, then proving the true return on ad spend can be tricky. Let's use an example:

A user clicks on your ad, but doesn't convert via form submission (which you're tracking in Google Analytics.) Instead, they convert via phone call. How can you prove your paid campaigns are driving calls?

Or perhaps, the user does convert into a lead, but is low-quality. How can you learn which ads, and keywords, are driving irrelevant clicks?

Marketing attribution allows you to unlock data from your paid advertising so you can:

  • Understand the impact of your paid campaigns as part of the full customer journey
  • Track online AND offline conversions so you can attribute offline revenue to online clicks
  • Calculate a true ROAS for your ad campaigns

Goals are not enough

While you might be tracking goal conversions for form submissions, or even click to call, you can't see lead quality.

You might report 30 new leads, but of those, only 3 result in revenue.

Instead of just reporting on lead generation, report on revenue growth.

Here's how it works

Ruler Analytics will track all users to your website. When a user converts into a lead, Ruler will push all of the data it holds on their customer journey, into your CRM.

You'll be able to see what channels have influenced their customer journey.

At the point of sale, Ruler will fire revenue data back into analytics software including Google Analytics and Google Ads.


This means you can see how you ad campaigns are performing as part of the customer journey, not just on a first or last-click perspective. So, you'll get a true ROAS and better understand how to optimise your ads.

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