Salesforce Integration

Ruler Analytics can push website form lead data such as e-mail and phone call data into Salesforce to either create a new lead or update an existing one. At the same time Ruler can add the marketing Lead Source to appropriate Salesforce fields – this includes keywords and the session and discovery source if applicable or over multiple visits.

Phone Call Tracking

Match phone calls with website visitors and how they found you. View the callers journey and listen to the call recording. No more guesswork in attributing phone calls to marketing spend. Automatically push phone calls and the marketing source and keyword into Salesforce.

Form Tracking

Match form conversions using real customer data against the exact marketing source from which it was generated. Utilising visitor level journey tracking to definitively calculate ROI for every marketing channel. Push form lead data automatically into Salesforce to create a new lead or update the marketing source and keyword

Visitor Journeys

Ruler shows every individual visitors journey on your website across multiple sessions. Attribute your calls and form conversions to the marketing source across multiple visits. Link back from the lead in Salesforce to view your prospects journey through your site.

Company Tracking

Ruler shows you real companies that have visited your website, what they looked at and how they got there. Ruler can even provide the companies contact details and full financial history.

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