Uncover User Journeys with Ruler’s Paths Report

Katie Holmes
10th May 2024

See how your customers journey towards sales and improve your decision making with Ruler’s Paths Report.

The customer journey is a tangled web of touchpoints.

Gone are the days of simple A to B buying decisions. Today’s consumers weave through a maze of online and offline channels before making a purchase.

While tools like Google Analytics are helpful, they have limitations in keeping pace with the dynamic customer journey.

Privacy restrictions prevent them from storing personal data like names or emails, and user activity is only retained for a limited window (typically 90 days).

This makes it difficult to track the complete customer journey and understand how visitors transform into prospects and revenue.

Ruler’s Paths Report cuts through the confusion. 

It gives you a better picture of how visitors find your site, identifies which channels drive the most successful conversions (e.g. first-time interactions that lead to a sale or desired action), and reveals the most effective channel combinations.

What is Ruler’s Paths Report?

Ruler’s Paths Report sheds light on the journeys website visitors take before converting into leads or sales. 

Imagine it like a map, following the sequence of channels that users interact with before taking a desired action. 

By analysing this data, Ruler uncovers which channels are the strongest performers, directly influencing conversions and revenue, while also uncovering the most powerful channel combinations.

By understanding which channels work well together, you can:

What can you see in Ruler’s Paths Report?

Ruler’s Paths Report offers a treasure trove of insights that shed light on how visitors interact with your website and ultimately convert into paying customers.

Here’s a closer look at the valuable information you can glean from this report:

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With this knowledge, you can optimise your marketing mix, amplify winning combinations, and ditch the dead ends.

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