Multi-Channel Marketing Attribution

Ruler's unified multi-channel marketing attribution platform makes tracking and analysis of your campaign and channels simple.

With online and offline conversion tracking (that's phone calls, form submissions and live chat), you'll be able to:

  • Learn which channels, campaigns and keywords are driving revenue
  • Get a true ROAS on your paid advertising campaigns
  • See data where you need it most
  • Understand your customer journeys and micro-conversions that get leads to revenue

Compare Attribution Models

Accurately measure impact on your pipeline and revenue. Compare our different rule based models including: first click, last click and linear attribution. Analyse trends over date periods for all of your marketing channels.

Add Lead Source Data To Your CRM

Automatically add lead source data for all of your inbound leads to Salesforce and other CRM. Lead source data tells marketers which channels their best leads come from, how much influence a channel has on an opportunity and allows them to calculate lead velocity by channel. Ruler also provides multi-touch point lead sources for enhanced attribution within the CRM.

Customer Journey Mapping

Get an overview of the entire customer experience. Highlight which marketing channels people are using to discover your business over time, understand the content they use to research and trigger buying decisions, monitor and record information submitted via form fills, sales and phone calls.

Auto Scrape Forms - No Development Required

Ruler automatically detects a form submission and captures the real customer data matching it to the exact marketing source from which it was generated.

Close The Loop To Send Revenue Back To Google Analytics, Adwords & GCLID

Ruler's official Google Analytics technology partner integration allows you to integrate with Google Analytics and Google Adwords. Integrate your sales and revenue after the sale using Google AdWords GCLID and Google Analytics ClientID.

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