Track offline conversions and attribute revenue to influencing Facebook campaigns with Ruler

Overview of integration

Facebook is a huge social media platform that is a great option for marketers looking to reach new, targeted audiences.

But with the iOS 14.5 update, many marketers are struggling to prove the impact of their paid efforts on Facebook.

Attribution is the missing link.

With marketing attribution in place, you can effectively remove any complications you were having with tracking. Tools like Ruler Analytics use first-party tracking to store data on users and leads.

Let's explore how you can continue to make waves with Facebook paid campaigns.

Key benefits

There are plenty of benefits to integrating Facebook and Ruler Analytics. Adding attribution to your paid social campaigns can help you understand quickly what does and doesn't work.

Other benefits include: 

  • Automatic attribution of closed revenue back to the correct campaigns and ads direct in Facebook
  • Every lead and every sale is tracked, even those that occur offline
  • Optimised  Facebook campaigns using data and insights into how ads are driving revenue, not clicks
  • Multiple attribution models to better understand how paid advertising using Facebook impacts the customer journey
  • Accurate data on your digital marketing ROI and ROAS

Key features

Report on revenue, not clicks

The issue with paid advertising is a lack of visibility into how it affects offline sales.

But, with attribution, you can confidently report on your ads' impact on sales, not just metrics like clicks, impressions and leads.

Integrating Ruler Analytics with Facebook will allow you to track based on revenue, despite any privacy changes.

Optimise ads based on revenue

With clear visibility of how your Facebook campaigns are impacting sales and revenue, you can optimise ads based on what's impacting your bottom line.

With clear data, you're free to confidently add budget to what you know will drive more growth.

So, say goodbye to wasted budget on ads that just drive impressions or clicks when you're trying to drive new leads and customers.

Don't be blocked by iOS 14.5 updates

Facebook predicted a $10B loss in revenue after the iOS 14.5 update. And it's no surprise.

Marketers were using Facebook to create highly targeted campaigns based on activity, and tracking users that became leads.

When iOS 14.5 landed, it caused a huge headache for marketers. But Ruler Analytics can help alleviate it. First-party data means you won't be held back by a lack of tracking.