Microsoft Dynamics

Trace your leads from first engagement to converted sale with Ruler Analytics

Overview of integration

Microsoft Dynamics is a comprehensive CRM platform which brings together multiple workflows. It’s a one-stop solution for all your departments, including sales, marketing, finance and HR. It enables users to view all their customer data through a single pane of glass.

Ruler Analytics’ frictionless integration enhances Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s data with lead generation activities.

Let's look at how you can better equip your sales teams with key information about their leads such as recorded phone calls, web forms and live chat transcripts.

Key benefits

Integrating your Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Ruler is a great way to improve the efficiency of your marketing stack. In fact, there are a number of key benefits to adding attribution to your toolkit.

They include: 

  • Ability to connect sales to marketing
  • Greater lead intelligence for sales teams
  • Definitive proof of ROI for marketing

The Sales and Marketing team will be able to join their efforts by having a single source of information. A cohesive messaging and sales strategy driven by powerful analytics will help you win all your Opportunities.

Key features

Report on success

With two-way integration, Ruler Analytics gets your Accounts and Opportunities details and creates end-to-end visibility of your sales process. This can help you establish direct correlations between marketing campaigns and revenue gained. These insights can help you determine your best investments in your marketing platforms such as Google Analytics, Microsoft Advertising, Google Ads and Facebook.

You will be able to devise optimised marketing campaigns with justified budgets, removing any speculation and guesswork.

Create data-driven strategies

Since Ruler is plugging your Microsoft Dynamics account with key lead data, and your analytics tools with vital revneue data, you'll be left with the stats you need to create a data-driven strategy.

Gathering valuable information on each account can help you tailor your lead’s experience to result in a seamless sales process. All the data tracked from won and lost opportunities is invaluable for creating marketing and engagement strategies based on facts and data.

Align your sales and marketing team

Aligning these two teams isn't easy. Sales use MSD to nurture and close leads. Meanwhile, marketing use it to track MQLs.

Ruler plugs the gap.

Each team will get access to the data it needs to create strategies that result in more revenue. Through using the same tools, KPIs and tracking the same metrics, these two teams will no longer work in silo.