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How to connect Intercom with Insightly

How to connect Intercom with Insightly

Intercom is a crucial tool for marketing teams, with real time messaging and connectivity solutions making it a core platform that many businesses rely on. 

With Intercom, users and leads can connect with your marketing and sales teams instantaneously. Intercom monitors these communication sessions throughout mobile apps, emails, and web use. 

This means you can collect data on all the interactions a certain user has made with your team, before finally converting into a lead.

Insightly is yet another app, providing CRM software that, as the name suggests, provides insights as to how leads and users convert into opportunities and deals. 

Using Insightly, businesses are able to monitor their marketing and sales efforts and consider which approaches are leading to the best ROI.

Combined, these two apps can lead to great things. Here’s our guide on how to connect Intercom with Insightly so you can make the most out of what each of their platforms have to offer.

How to connect Intercom with Insightly

  • Visit the app store in Intercom, and type Insightly into the search bar.
  • Click the Insightly app, and select Install now.
  • This will connect Intercom to Insightly, meaning you can now find data about communication channels and users/leads between the two apps.
  • You can create new leads and new users, even importing multiple contacts to Intercom from your CRM. Viewing these profiles will show any transcribed conversations between your brand and the user. From each profile you can edit information, add notes, and even start a new conversation.
  • Connecting Intercom with Insightly provides you with actionable insights, concerning how and where your users and leads are connecting with your brand.

Streamline your marketing attribution approach

Connecting these apps provides you with a great framework to work from in optimising your marketing approach. However, there are much easier ways to connect the dots between your apps and the data you’ve got.

Ruler Analytics is a highly efficient marketing attribution tool that automates the flow of data between your favourite apps. Without having to go through all the fuss yourself, you’ve got much more time to focus on optimising the data you’re trying to move.

Here’s how Ruler works to close the loop between interactions, users, and leads.

  1. Ruler tracks all your website visitors, even anonymous ones, and the touchpoints they make as they interact with your site. Data on keywords, sources, campaigns, and channels are all collected.
  2. Ruler matches new leads to their data as they convert. Every touchpoint, through every channel or source, is accounted for. This data is sent directly to your preferred CRM - no integration fuss needed.
  3. Your data is fed into your favourite analytical tools. Ruler sends these valuable insights to your CRM, as well as your favourite apps such as Intercom - exactly where the data is of most use to you and your teams.

Ruler’s dedicated marketing attribution models are ideal for optimising your marketing strategy. We’re always on hand to ensure you’re using Ruler in the best way possible to reach your marketing goals.

Try your free Ruler Analytics demo today

To learn more about how Ruler Analytics can transform your workflow, get in touch with us now. You can book a free demo of our platform if you’d like us to show you the ropes - or ask away with your questions using our live chat tool.