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How to Integrate Drift with your CRM

How to Integrate Drift with your CRM

Pro Tip: Want to learn how you can track conversations and conversions from live chat as a part of a full customer journey? Read our guide to tracking live chat and attributing revenue to your chosen tool. 

Drift is a popular live chat tool used by thousands of marketers to support customer services and lead generation. 

While Drift has a whole host of great native reporting tools, it’s useful to connect Drift to your CRM. With this integration in place, you can better understand how your live chat conversations drive new leads and you can justify the cost of your live chat tool by attributing closed sales. 

Ruler Analytics allows you to get more data to and from your live chat tool and your CRM - with no coding required. 

Here’s how you can build an integration between Drift and your CRM. 

Drive lead data from Drift to your CRM 

When a user visits your website, there is often a multitude of ways that they can convert. One such way is live chat. 

But how do you get all of your lead data and their customer journey when they convert via your Drift live chat tool? 

Finding the marketing source for your chat 

Drift can integrate with your CRM to send your lead details; that’s the data they share with you, to a new contact. 

But do you know which channel or content sparked that conversion? 

With Ruler Analytics, you can see the traffic source that encouraged that conversion. Integrating Ruler with Drift and your CRM allows you to get insight on which marketing channels are encouraging leads to convert via live chat. 

Sharing the full customer journey to your CRM 

Ok, so now you have the conversion channel, but what about all of their previous touchpoints? 

Chances are, leads don’t land on your site and convert first time. They’ll likely have been on your website numerous times and via different channels. 

With Ruler Analytics, you can see the full customer journey and send data variables like, first-click landing page, directly into your CRM. 

Connect revenue to your marketing journeys 

Now you have the data you need in your CRM, what about lifting CRM data and firing it to your relevant apps? 

Drift is a great live chat tool but it comes at a cost. And while it’s a fantastic resource for customer service, you can further justify the cost through its lead generation benefits too. 

You might find now that you’re having to manually connect leads from Drift to your CRM. With Ruler Analytics, you can do it all automatically. 

Ruler won’t just share lead data from Drift to your CRM, it’ll also lift revenue when that lead converts and fire it back to your marketing apps. In Ruler, you’ll be able to see how many live chat sessions you drive, how many of those results in a lead and even better, how much revenue is generated with live chat as a touchpoint. 

Plus, you can set up various goals in Google Analytics to make sure you’re seeing your revenue data pull through. Ruler will send closed revenue data from your CRM to Google Analytics and when there, it’ll accurately attribute it to your marketing channels, campaigns and keywords. 

Want to learn more?

If you want to see how it works in action, then book a demo with our team. We can run you through exactly how Ruler can support you to tie your closed revenue back to your marketing and get the data you need, where you need it most.