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How to import leads into Zoho CRM

How to import leads into Zoho CRM

Working in marketing and sales, we understand just how valuable any data from our leads is.

Lead data is vital for marketers who wish to ramp up their conversion rates. It’s information on our visitors that can be analysed, so we know exactly how to best nurture the consumer experience to increase sales.

Lead data allows us to understand the impact of our marketing campaigns, where they performed well, and what we could do better next time.

Keeping track of this vital data is a must, and having access to it all in the right place is equally as essential if you want to enhance productivity.

Luckily, any leads that you have in a file can be imported into Zoho CRM so you are able to see the data on your customers where it matters the most.

How to import leads to Zoho

If you’ve found yourself here, you’re probably wondering how to pass your Excel or CSV leads and contacts lists into Zoho. Here’s our handy guide on how to do it manually.

  • On Zoho, click the Leads tab and select the Import button > Import Leads.
  • Browse or drag and drop your file to upload, then click Next. Specify what you would like to do with the records in the file.
  • You’ll then see which fields Zoho was able to map automatically from your file. Use the Mapped and Unmapped tabs to see where you need to input information, or click + Create New Fields. Once complete, click Next.
  • Assign Lead Sources, Assign Owners, and Assign Tasks and Tags using assignment rules (where applicable), then click Finish.
  • Your leads import will be loaded into the new page, and import status will be updated once all data is added.
  • From the Leads you’ve uploaded into Zoho, you can then complete the tasks assigned, send emails, edit data and analyse information.

Making Zoho easy with automation

While importing leads into Zoho yourself is possible, it does waste time! Imagine if you had one tool that did all the work for you.

Just how much time would you save, knowing the process was automated and you had those additional resources to invest in applying your marketing strategies?

That tool is Ruler Analytics. A marketing attribution mastermind that automates your mundane data-entry tasks, Ruler connects the dots between your favourite apps to delegate data into the ideal places.

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It sends leads directly to Zoho, meaning all your data on leads is positioned exactly where it can be of most use to you - without all that extra effort.

Ruler connects the gaps within this data too, pinpointing each individual user in their own right, and collating information on their various touchpoints throughout multiple visits to your site.

Import leads into Zoho CRM with Ruler Analytics

Ruler does much more than import leads into Zoho. Ruler works with all the essential data (and more) to streamline your marketing attribution methods. 

Automating the flow of data between Zoho and the other apps you use, Ruler makes it much easier to find that time you need to interpret what your data is telling you.

Why waste time and money inputting data, when the important step is figuring out what it all means?

Book a Ruler Analytics demo to find out how we could automate how you import leads into Zoho! Or, get in touch with us via our live chat tool in the bottom right corner to figure out what else you can achieve with our marketing attribution tools.

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