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How to integrate Intercom with Google Ads

How to integrate Intercom with Google Ads

Integrating Intercom with Google Ads is an essential step if you’re looking to streamline the flow of marketing data between your go-to apps.

By connecting Google Ads with Intercom, you’ll have access to those key touchpoints throughout both apps. This includes knowing when visitors from Google Ads begin or reply to conversations.

Understanding the way visitors interact with your communication tools is an integral part of optimising your marketing approach. 

By integrating Intercom and Google Ads, you’ll be able to track how visitors are interacting with your paid campaigns and converting into leads. Here’s our guide to integrating Intercom with Google Ads effortlessly.

How to integrate Intercom with Google Ads

  • First, visit your Google Analytics account page and find your tracking ID. This will be needed later, so copy and save it.
  • Then go to the Intercom App Store, where you’ll find the Google Analytics App.
  • Select the App and click Install Now.
  • Enter your tracking ID in the correct field to connect your Google Analytics account.
  • Once complete, Intercom will be able to sync your users’ messages and interactions with Google Analytics.
  • You’ll be able to identify when users have opened/closed the Intercom Messenger, sent a reply, viewed messages, provided email addresses, and more.
  • This gives you valuable insights as to how leads are interacting with Intercom tools. Sending the data straight to Google Ads, you can identify which tools are working best, and what needs to change.

Track leads and pass data to Google Ads effortlessly

Tracking marketing touchpoints are key to understanding how your potential leads connect with your brand. Analysing the data once integrated becomes much easier - since you have all the data in one designated place.

Ruler Analytics is a marketing attribution tool designed to make these integrations between apps simple. It works by collecting data on each user’s touchpoints, and feeding this information into your favourite apps - like Google Ads and Intercom.

Automating this process leaves you with much more time to focus on the bigger picture. Analysing how you can optimise your marketing approach to generate more leads and increase revenue.

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