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How to integrate Intercom with Google Sheets

How to integrate Intercom with Google Sheets

Intercom is one of the leading customer communication platforms available on the market today. With its ever-growing system of must-have tools to keep you and your customers connected, it’s no wonder that it’s the favourite app of sales and marketing teams alike.

Integrating Intercom with Google Sheets allows you to keep track of the valuable data from your communications with potential leads, all in one easy to recognise place - your own spreadsheet. You can sync contact data, automatically add new rows for new leads, and even create new rows for new Intercom conversations.

…But how do you do it? Here’s our guide on how to integrate Intercom with Google Sheets.

How to integrate Intercom with Google Sheets

There are a few ways you can export or connect your Intercom data with Google Sheets. The classic way is to export your Intercom data in CSV, and upload this data to Google Sheets manually. Now, there’s the option to schedule CSV exports directly from your Intercom workspace.

  • From your Intercom dashboard, click ‘Export’.
  • On the right-hand side, you’ll see a blue ‘Export CSV’ button. Select it to reveal a drop down menu.
  • From the drop down menu, you can ‘Schedule export’. This takes you to a calendar-style selection centre from which you can choose how frequently you’d like to schedule exports.
  • You can also click ‘Manage schedules’ to edit the settings on any export schedules you may already have in place.

Automate your Intercom and Google Sheets integration

Automating the way your apps interact with one another is a manageable way to make sure you’re gathering all the data you need in the right places, without missing a beat. While you can go down the lengthier route of integrating Intercom with Google Sheets yourself, there is a much easier way… One that also collects even more data on your users.

Ruler Analytics is a closed-loop marketing attribution tool that sends data on your visitors directly between your favourite apps. It does this by monitoring their marketing touchpoints throughout each visit and interaction with your site, whether they’re anonymous, have made a purchase, or they’re just having a browse.

Whenever a visitor converts via Intercom, all their interactions are picked up on by Ruler - and the user is matched with their individual marketing touchpoints. Ruler then sends all this data on that individual user straight to your favourite CRM. This allows you and your team to pinpoint exactly which marketing strategies are working to generate the most valuable conversions, and the things you can build on to utilise this data best.

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