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How to get multi-touch attribution data for Intercom

How to get multi-touch attribution data for Intercom

Multi-touch attribution is an effective way to track how your marketing approach is working. 

It’s a fairly new system, since traditionally, marketers only had the means to track one point of interaction.

Once the user had converted into a lead, they’d look at the last touchpoint that user made with the brand, and assign that as the converting step. 

Today, the consumer journey can be much more expensive than interacting with just one channel or touchpoint. For example, consumers now have whole networks of social media accounts that many of them use to interact with brands on a daily basis. 

There are email subscription forms, instant messaging features, and many other apps that users are connecting with on multiple levels. Users often also prefer to contact via traditional means, such as telephone - all of this can be tracked with a great marketing attribution tool.

Applying a more up-to-date model for marketing attribution, multi-touch attribution involves analysing each and every touchpoint made by a user before they convert into a lead. By understanding how multiple channels come together to influence conversions, you can then analyse which combinations of channels are giving the best ROI.

One of the apps we see most commonly used as a lead conversion tool is Intercom. So, how do you get multi-touch attribution data for Intercom? Here’s our guide on the matter.

How to create leads in Intercom

The key thing to remember with Intercom is that it’s not a marketing attribution tool. It’s a consumer communications platform, designed to make engaging with your users easier.

In order to reveal multi-touch attribution data related to Intercom, you’ll have to integrate the platform with your preferred CRM app.

  • To connect your CRM app, search it in the Intercom app store.
  • Click on the app, and click Install now. This will connect your CRM account with your Intercom account.
  • Connecting your CRM app with Intercom enables you to identify multi-touch attribution data across all communication tools.
  • You can create new leads or users, and then see transcriptions of all their conversations (past and present) when you click through to their profile.

Seamlessly attribute leads in Intercom

Now that you’ve integrated Intercom with your CRM, you’re able to track Intercom leads to gain a better insight into who’s converting into revenue.

However, there are easier and better ways to navigate this. Ruler Analytics is a dedicated marketing attribution tool that streamlines all your data, between all your apps. Picking up on each and every marketing touchpoints your users make before converting into leads, Ruler provides insightful data regarding exactly how your deals have come to fruition.

This makes optimising your marketing strategy so much easier. With a new level of clarity regarding how the consumer journey could be improved, and those touchpoints that contributed to deals, you’ll be able to accurately assign budgets to marketing channels and closely monitor the performance of your campaigns.

Try your free Ruler Analytics demo today

The best way to streamline your multi-touch attribution data between apps is with Ruler. If you’d like to find out more about how Ruler can work for you and your team, book a demo with us. We’ll talk you through all the key features of the intuitive platform, and get to understand how we can optimise your marketing attribution process.

Alternatively, leave any questions you have via the chat tool in the corner, and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible.