Marketo Reporting and Attribution Alternative for 2023

Laura Caveney
11th December 2022

Are you currently looking for an alternative to Marketo focussing particularly on reporting and attribution? Keep reading to find out our top suggestion for a Marketo alternative in 2023.

Reporting and attribution are two key strategies that marketers use to guide their outputs. They help marketers understand what’s working, and what isn’t and allow them to measure on the one metric that truly matters: revenue.

We share a detailed comparison on Marketo’s reporting and attribution arm, Bizible, and offer an alternative for you to try in 2023.

We’ll discuss:

Let’s get stuck in!

What is Marketo?

If you work in marketing, chances are you’ve heard of Marketo.

Owned by Adobe, Marketo is a marketing automation tool that allows marketers to create, send and report back on their marketing activity.

They recently acquired the marketing attribution tool, Bizible. By bringing Bizible in-house, they allowed their customers access to one product for content planning, posting and reporting.

But is it the best solution for every marketer?

Let’s dig deeper and compare to one of the best attribution software tools on the market, Ruler Analytics.

Marketo alternative: Ruler Analytics comparison

If you’re considering an alternative, then you need to have a look into what Ruler Analytics can offer you.

It can support you to:

Data capture

Your goal is to understand which marketing channels, campaigns and keywords are driving new leads. More importantly, you want to understand which are driving more revenue.

By understanding this key data, you can optimise your campaigns and hopefully drive more sales for your business through smarter marketing.

Previously, marketers used UTM parameters to better track campaign performance. With marketing attribution, you still need to use UTM tagging, but you can leave all the hard work of matching data to your attribution tool.

How Ruler Analytics works for data capture

Ruler is easy to set up. A simple bit of code is added to your website which enables you to track every touchpoint for every lead. Even better, Ruler Analytics offers thousands of integration opportunities so you can link up every single app you use.

ruler analytics integrations

What does that mean? Well, it’s simple really. By integrating with, for example, your live chat host, you’ll be able to track and attribute your live chat sessions should they convert into revenue at a later date.

How Marketo works for data capture

Marketo doesn’t offer marketing attribution through Bizible on every plan. In fact, it’s quite an expensive add-on. But we’ll come back to that later.

Bizible works just the same as any other marketing attribution tool.

Data visualization

Bizible has preset dashboards. They include engagement, ROI, revenue and pipeline as well as ABM.

Ruler Analytics offers a customer journey view where you can view your most popular customer journey types.

You can also view your opportunity pipeline so that you can view your current leads against your chosen pipeline.

Not forgetting individual views of your leads where you can see key data like general location, engagement with your website as well as attribution details like first click landing page.

lead view ruler analytics

Cost evaluation

Marketo is an enterprise product. Attribution and ROI dashboards are included in their ‘Select’ pricing plan. However, in a higher pricing plan you’ll find ‘premium multi attribution’, so it’s unclear on how much access you will get to Bizible in their cheapest plan.

With Ruler Analytics, pricing is made simple. Call tracking and marketing attribution starts from just £199 per month. And that gives you access to the entire tool.

From opportunity tracking, attribution modelling and more. You’ll be able to track each and every touchpoint. And even better, we’ll help you make sense of your conversions and which channels are working to drive revenue.

Which tool is right for you?

Choosing the right tool can be tricky. But one thing to ask yourself is what exactly does your business need?

While Marketo is a fantastic marketing automation tool with plenty of added tools in there, it comes with a price. If you’re just looking for better reporting and attribution, then you’ll find it much more fruitful to go for an independent attribution software tool.

At Ruler, we’re always updating our software with handy new features. We go above and beyond basic attribution. Ruler can track calls, forms, and live chat. We have thousands of integrations meaning you can integrate us with whatever other tools you’re using. This will give you one overall view and reporting platform.

And don’t forget, we’re an official Google partner, so we’re well-placed to help you understand your ROAS on your paid campaigns.

Interested in learning more about our platform? Book a short demo to view Ruler Analytics in action. We promise you won’t be disappointed with our great wealth of features and integrations.

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