PPC: Counting all Calls as Conversions can Lead to Negative ROI

Counting all calls as conversions can cause negative ROI - www.ruleranalytics.com

When promoting and publicising your business, it is difficult to ignore the power and potential of digital marketing, especially with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Organisations that don’t want to spend time and effort on SEO in the hope of achieving prominent results when they can simply bid on the keywords their customers are searching for and appear at the very top of the page.

As a result, online exposure and audience interest increases, while click-through and conversion rates should soon follow suit too. However, PPC campaigns can also generate more incoming phone calls, particularly for businesses that offer a one-to-one service, such as legal advice.

Even though we are living in a web-based world, this traditional form of communication remains crucial for several industries and organisations. What’s more, using a call extension in your PPC ads can increase click-through rates by 6-8 per cent according to Google.

But that doesn’t mean to say every call you receive from a PPC campaign should be called a “conversion”. In fact, it could cause negative ROI and defeat the point of PPC.


How can Calls from a PPC Campaign be a Problem for Marketers?

Believe it or not, some businesses are making the mistake of counting ALL incoming calls as conversions. Although the initial objective of convincing a prospect to get in touch has been achieved, they might not find the company’s products or services to their liking and go elsewhere.

Therefore, any organisation utilising PPC campaigns should measure the quality of a lead or phone call rather than simply counting how many times the phone rings, as this can give you a false sense of success.

For instance, your PPC campaigns could be driving existing customer support calls instead of new business opportunities. Something as simple as this can lead to negative ROI too.


Avoid the Trap of Counting all Calls as Conversions

Don’t kid yourself that all calls are conversions. Not only will you end up with a misleading conversion rate, but your PPC campaign could also take a financial hit too. What’s more, the analytical data available today means that there really is no excuse for taking such a slapdash approach.

By using a call tracking platform like Ruler Analytics, you can avoid the issues associated with counting all calls as conversions but also reap a number of far-reaching rewards too.


Record and Playback a Business Call

Ruler Analytics will give you a list of calls that are matched against specific marketing sources, with a click through to view the visitor detail too.

The ability to listen back to your phone calls also allows you to determine whether or not a specific call can be classified as a genuine lead. This overcomes the problem of support calls being measured as conversions.


Establish which Keywords were used During a PPC Search

This handy feature gives you the ability to establish which keyword was used during a search. Therefore, you can determine the quality of a keyword and adjust your bidding activity accordingly.

To give an example, if a keyword is delivering a high conversion rate with genuine leads interested in your products and services, you can justify increasing the bid.


Identify whether or not a Call was Missed

With Ruler Analytics, you don’t have to worry about missing potential leads again. Every time a call is missed, you will be told about it along with additional information such as when it was missed, the number of the call, the time, and the date.

Because Ruler Analytics monitors visitors on an individual level, you will also know what they were specifically interested in too. So, when you call back, your correspondence can be that bit more personal, increasing the chances of an actual conversion.


counting all calls as conversions can harm your PPC campaigns - www.ruleranalytics.com


You can record and playback calls for greater lead clarification. Secondly, you can establish which keywords were used to optimise your PPC campaign. Last but not least, you can identify whether a call was missed and never lose out on a potential lead ever again.

The key takeaway here is recognising the importance of measuring quality, not quantity. To give Ruler Analytics’ call tracking feature a go, sign-up for a FREE 30-day trial today. You can also follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest news and information about all things analytical.



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