PPC Call Tracking: 4 Key Benefits and How to Implement It

Laura Caveney
25th June 2021

PPC call tracking is the definitive way to prove that your paid marketing efforts are driving new leads and impacting your bottom line. We walk you through what PPC call tracking is, why it’s useful and how to get started.

Data is the biggest commodity for a marketer. Use it well and you can drastically improve your marketing outputs. One channel that massively benefits from good data is PPC.

But, there are a few hurdles in the way. With increasing budgets and high competition, data is the way to cut through the competition to drive more sales, not just clicks.

This blog will walk you through:

So, let’s dive in.

What is PPC call tracking?

PPC call tracking allows marketers to better understand how their marketing impacts their bottom line by assigning dynamic numbers to website visitors. By assigning set dynamic numbers to your PPC campaigns, you can definitively prove that your paid advertising is driving new leads. But, even better, with a marketing attribution tool, you can also prove that your PPC is driving revenue.

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With call tracking, you can definitively prove which marketing channels, campaigns, ads and even keywords are driving inbound calls. With these call tracking metrics in place, you can get a more accurate view of your ROI and ROAS.

4 key benefits of PPC call tracking

The best way to explain the benefits of PPC call tracking is to just show you. So, let’s go through them one by one.

Attribute calls to the corresponding channels

Ok, ok, so PPC call tracking is important. But PPC isn’t the only channel driving calls.

With call tracking software, you can attribute set numbers to set campaigns, meaning you can get visibility of what drives the most leads.

ppc call tracking with channel source tracking

As you can see from the above, both users are seeing the same number despite coming from different sources. This means you can’t differentiate between the two.

With call tracking, you can serve dynamic numbers to your website visitors.

dynamic numbers for ppc call tracking

This allows you to better understand which channels are generating the most leads compared to traffic.

And, with a tool like ours, you can track that lead through the full customer journey and attribute closed revenue to your marketing too.

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Numbers can be local, toll-free or premium

Free call numbers are often used by businesses and can also be used for PPC call tracking.

But don’t worry, PPC call tracking software like ours also allows you to use premium and local numbers too.

So, whatever best fits your needs, we can support you.

Increase your PPC ROI

What marketer doesn’t want to improve their return on investment, or ROAS (return on ad spend)?

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With PPC call tracking, you can better understand your ad’s impact on lead generation. And remember, with a tool like Ruler, you’re not limited to just calls.

Ruler can also support you to track conversions like form fills and live chat sessions.

conversion tracking for ppc

With better oversight of what works well, you can move your budget to the most lucrative channels, campaigns and keywords.

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Record and playback calls

Recording and listening back to calls allows you to build up demographic pictures of your target audience and their preferences, so you can focus your business on those most likely to use it.

Recording calls also allows you to see the level of service your staff are providing and can be very useful for training purposes.

call tracking and playback

Getting started with PPC call tracking with Ruler Analytics

By now, we hope you’re sold on PPC call tracking and why it’s essential for your company.

But remember, while Ruler does offer PPC call tracking, it also offers so much more.

Track every lead

No matter how your leads are converting, Ruler can help you track them. While phone calls are a key way that leads convert, what about form fills and live chat sessions?

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With Ruler, you can track every conversion type and ensure each and every lead on your site is efficiently tracked.

Attribute revenue, not leads

Lead generation is important. But what’s more important is revenue.

If your PPC campaigns are driving high numbers of leads, but very little revenue, are they actually successful?

With Ruler, you can link closed revenue back to your marketing leads and ensure that you’re optimising your marketing for what drives the most sales.

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Attribute leads and revenue back to your PPC keywords

PPC call tracking means you can understand which keywords drive the most traffic, leads and revenue too.

With this insight, you can get a better view of how individual keywords are affecting your lead and revenue generation. It can lead to a better insight into your customers and how they’re searching online.

Plus, it could give you some insight into SEO opportunities too!

And remember, this isn’t a feature you’re going to find on other software.

Track leads through the full customer journey

Your website is your most valuable asset when it comes to marketing. But each marketing channel and campaign plays a specific role.

We know that users don’t land on your site and convert right away, no matter how great it is!

Users have to move through their own buyer’s journey, which could take multiple touchpoints and months in time to complete.

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With Ruler, you can attribute leads through the full customer journey.

So, if a user lands on your PPC ad but doesn’t convert by call until their final session, you can still get visibility of that. Yep, you guessed it. This feature is another one you’re only going to find by using Ruler Analytics.

Wrapping up

Sound good? Get started with Ruler Analytics by booking a demo to see the data in action. You’ll be able to track beyond clicks and conversions and really dig deep into what’s driving meaningful conversions on your website.