Where And How Different Industries Get Their Deals – The Lead Generation 2017 Benchmark Report

Ian Leadbetter
6th November 2017

Do you ever struggle to find where your next set of leads are going to come from?

Do you ever wish you could log in to your competitor’s computer and see where their leads are coming from?

It’s a problem every marketer has suffered from. You’re getting leads. But you need more.

But you’re sat at your desk and the ideas aren’t coming. You feel empty. You simply can’t think of anything else.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

But let me tell you a little secret. We can see how your competitors are getting their leads.

We’re blessed that we have access to the conversion and deal flows of tens of thousands of companies, across many different industries.

The key here is that most industries tend to share similar lead generation profiles, so you can see if there are opportunities you’re missing that the rest of your industry prospers from.

Have you ever wanted to know the answer to:

How does my lead generation performance compare to similar organisations in my industry?

Well, now you can!

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