How Live Chat on Your Website Can Increase Conversions

23rd December 2022

Live chat refers to talking with customers and leads through an online chat and real-time messages on your site. Find out why your website needs them to increase conversions and profits.

Businesses constantly look for new growth hacking tools to help them succeed with digital marketing. And one of those tools is live chat. Companies like to use live chat to quickly help clients while working on further conversions.  

And the truth is that 41% of consumers prefer using live chat to access customer support. So, it’s in the best interest of organisations to follow the preferences of the public. 

Ensure you look into live chat software and understand how it’ll help your website, so you’ll gain more customers and boost your profits.

To help you with that quest, we’ll explore the following topics in this piece.

What is live chat software?

Live chat software allows your customers and website visitors to speak with your employees directly. They go onto your website, ask questions, and your employees can provide real-time responses to assist them.

Most businesses utilise live chat software in a few ways:

Ultimately, customers care about having a way to reach someone when they need it quickly. 

Some businesses even incorporate AI chatbots and similar tools to help people with fundamental problems, so they free up room for concerns that require a person.

You can hire remote workers, locals, or anyone you feel can help your business.

Once you set up the live chat software, these workers get a queue of people, can message them, and even switch between conversations to help as many customers as possible.

How it helps you increase conversions

As you try live chat software, you’ll find multiple ways it helps your website increase its conversions.

Answer questions about purchases

Some customers will ask questions about purchases, so you’ll want to provide them with answers as quickly as possible. 

For example, if your customers can’t figure out how to use their cart and make a purchase, you can walk them through the steps.

You can also answer questions about your products to help them decide. 

As your employees provide such details and focus on helping customers, more of them will understand the high-quality products you offer and why you should buy them.

As you build up that information and focus on providing the details they need, they’ll become more likely to make purchases and boost your lead generation.

Direct customers where you want them

As you work with customers and interact through live chat software, you can send customers where you want them to go.

While you should focus on what your customers need over what you want them to do, you can focus on mutual benefits as you interact.

For example, customers may want consistent updates about your company, you can use live chat to send them to landing pages that convert. Doing so will let them make accounts or receive weekly newsletters so they get all the information they need.

You can utilise various links and other pages to send customers where you want them, boosting your page views while securing more sales.

Boost customer loyalty

Customer loyalty remains one of the most important currencies your business can accumulate. The more your customers trust your business, the more they’ll follow your calls to action (CTAs) and help your business with its conversions and sales.

For example, if your customers know you’ll provide live chat services and answer their questions whenever they need it, they know they can trust you.

Building loyalty applies more as you provide honest answers and details designed to help them as customers.

As you focus on your customers and what they need, they’ll naturally become more loyal to your business, so you’ll increase your revenue and metrics down the line.

Establish consistent service

Speaking of customer loyalty, you can use live chat software to establish consistent services throughout your business.

Most businesses offer 24/7 live chat, so customers can hop online and receive answers to their questions within a few minutes.

Customers appreciate consistent service since it indicates a desire from your business to help them.

As they see that consistent service, they’ll want to support your business through purchases and visiting the site often, so they’ll receive further help with their needs.

You can look for more ways to establish consistent service with your business. For example, you can acquire a business phone and let them make phone calls to your website, send emails, use UCaaS platforms, and offer multiple communication methods to help them as needed.

Cost-effective option

If you want to increase your conversions while saving money, you’ll see live chat software remains a cost-effective service. Generally speaking, live chat software costs less than other services, so you won’t spend as much while increasing your conversion rates.

You have to pay for the software and the employees, but you’d spend more on advertising and similar services. On top of that, you can use an AI bot to handle some of the workloads, helping you save more money while maximising your conversion rate.

As you look into your live chat options, compare the costs to the features you receive, so you’ll make the most out of the situation.

Spreading the word

As your business offers excellent services and makes an inviting website for people to visit, your customers will want to share your site with others. As they spread the word and talk with their friends about your business, more of them will visit your website.

As they visit your website and try the live chat software, you can boost your conversions further by getting them to check out different pages and make purchases. You’ll then build business relationships with those people and have them reach out to their friends.

You’ll keep spreading your website to more people as you offer an excellent service, so you’ll want to keep live chat on the website to simplify the process for both sides.

Ready to use live chat for website conversions?

Engagement with live chat software will help your website work with customers and leads. As you assist them, you can retain more customers and turn your leads into customers, boosting your profits.

Ensure you look into live chat software, see which option works for your situation, and use it to benefit your business.