Attribution Academy: stand out from the crowd

Laura Caveney
24th August 2022

Personal development is a great tool whether you’re looking to learn a new skill, or develop an existing one. Stand out with our free e-learning platform, Attribution Academy.

Given data is becoming an even bigger commodity, attribution is a must-know marketing skill.

Our marketing attribution course, Attribution Academy, will help you fill in the gaps in your marketing knowledge and get you noticed. Here’s how…

Save your budget

Marketers waste time on low-performing channels and content because they think it’s working. Minimise this with Attribution Academy where you’ll discover what’s really working and what isn’t.

Connect your tools

Integration is essential to be able to track your marketing activity accurately. We’ll deep dive into why and how you need your tools to speak to each other. This will help you get more out of your data.

Don’t lose valuable data

Lead data can be easily lost if you aren’t tracking everything you should be. Offline marketing is an excellent example of marketing that often gets untracked. With attribution, you won’t miss it.

Perfect for newbies

Whether you’re a complete pro at attribution or a total newbie, that’s okay. Attribution Academy has two courses, one for essentials and one for advanced marketers. We’ll lead the way on your attribution journey.

The details…

Our first course, Attribution Essentials takes you through the basics. From understanding customer journeys to learning each attribution model type. Five short video courses will run you through all you need to know to get you started with attribution.

Once that one’s completed, or, if you’re already au fait with attribution, then try our course, Attribution Advanced. It’s exactly what it says on the tin. This course will delve into the details on attribution and how you can use data to enrich your marketing tools and your CRM, specifically.

Plus, if you tend to see offline behaviour (that’s phone calls, store visits etc) in your customer journey, we’ll walk you through how you can easily track each and every touchpoint.

So join us, and add some new skills to your CV. Plus, if you pass our quizzes, we’ll gift you a nifty little certificate you can share to LinkedIn.

What are you waiting for? Start learning today so you won’t go unnoticed in a sea of marketers!