How Ruler can help with your Social Media Tracking

Katie Holmes
14th July 2016

Track Website Visitors with Ruler Analytics to Gain Access to the Most Valuable Metrics for Social Media Success

Even though social media is a great way to keep in touch with close friends or family members and find out the latest news stories or current cultural trends, it also has extensive benefits for businesses. The statistics about social media speak for themselves:

However, success on social media isn’t always easy to ascertain. What’s more, you need to make sure you are monitoring and measuring the right metrics with your social media campaign tracking platform.

The issue with vanity metrics

Despite the fact social media is now an established string to almost every marketer’s bow, several individuals are making the mistake of basing success on how many fans, followers, comments, replies, and shares they get.

These are also known as vanity metrics, a somewhat flawed method of social media tracking that gives you a false sense of success.

To know whether or not the activity and content on your social media accounts are having the desired effect, such as generating more website traffic and increasing bottom line conversions, you need to track both free posts and paid-for promotion in a different way.

Thankfully, Ruler has the answer with our unique social media campaign tracking platform.

How Ruler can help with your social media tracking

Social media tracking from Ruler is a much more in-depth and accurate way of finding out whether your campaigns are succeeding. Unlike other platforms and products, Ruler Analytics tracks visitors individually, rather than simply providing an overall statistic.

So, as far as social media campaign tracking is concerned, we can tell you where a visitor has come from because our platform identifies and categories the source.

We can also alert you when a conversion is made and show you the pages that visitor looked at when arriving from social media.

Social media tracking from Ruler can benefit your ad campaigns too.

For example, if the data we reveal shows that your ads are generating more conversions in Liverpool than Manchester, you can optimise your spend accordingly and increase those all important conversions.

Tracking social media activity with Ruler

To find out how Ruler Analytics can improve your social media activity and reveal more accurate insights into your marketing campaigns, simply sign up for a demo and free trial.

Once you request a demo, one of our friendly team members will get in touch whenever is most convenient for you.

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