How Ruler filled data gaps to help SQ Digital prove ROI

“Without Ruler, we would have significantly less data to show a true return on investment, so it’s hugely beneficial.”
Ash Winder
Lead Digital Marketing Executive

About SQ Digital
SQ Digital is an award-winning digital marketing agency based in Lancaster. They support SME’s succeed with a sustainable digital strategy that helps them engage new audiences and increase wins.

We spoke to Ash, Lead Digital Marketing Executive at SQ Digital, to find out how Ruler Analytics has supported his client work.

The Challenge

Often, as a digital marketing agency, your clients can be quite sceptical about the tangible results digital can bring. Quantifying the wider impact digital marketing channels and campaigns can have, particularly on offline conversions can be tricky to prove.

Ash commented, “We had a number of clients who were highly sceptical of how digital worked within a wider framework and how marketing and sales were linked. For many of our clients, we were tracking form submissions through Google Analytics, but tracking calls was difficult.”

The Solution

Ruler Analytics offers both conversion tracking and marketing attribution within its solution. SQ Digital implemented Ruler’s code into their clients’ websites to allow them to start tracking their offline conversions and attribute any revenue to marketing channels, campaigns and keywords.

“By using Ruler, we’re able to more accurately reflect how our digital marketing is positively benefiting our customers, from where we can then discuss increasing budgets to help them grow their digital presence as they can see a stronger return on advertising costs.

Alongside gaining greater insight into our marketing performance, we were able to better understand the customers internal processes that were affecting sales – we identified a number of missed calls every week (meaning the customer was potentially losing out on valuable revenue) and also how some of the calls were handled, for example call handlers were not always asking the correct questions, or taking valuable contact information to re-engage a user if they don’t convert.”

The Results

“Ruler Analytics has allowed us to provide a more accurate CPL and conversion volume figure (and therefore ROAS), as all valuable actions are being tracked, regardless whether they’re online or offline.

This helps us develop our marketing strategy for our clients, to improve results. However, it is also vital information to prove to clients the impact our work is having on their bottom line.

At SQ Digital, we put attribution modelling into layman’s terms by segmenting last-click attributed conversions alongside other attribution models to visually represent the overall impact of each channel. This allows us to discuss budgeting with a customer to ensure we are aggressively pushing channels that drive revenue, not just those that are credited with conversions, to help grow businesses.

Despite the advancements in algorithms and ‘machine learning’, consumer’s online behaviour has never been less predictable than now. However, by analysing and reporting on varying attribution models, you will be able to both reapportion budgets and gain a better insight into how your audience interacts with your website and brand. This allows you to better optimise your ad copy, ad delivery and landing pages.

Without Ruler, we would have significantly less data to show a true return on investment, so it’s hugely beneficial.”

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