Attribute revenue from Recurly to the channels that generated the lead with Ruler Analytics

Overview of integration

Recurly is a leading subscription management software used by businesses globally. Integrating Ruler with can allow you to get further insights into how your marketing encourages repeat purchases and motivates monthly recurring revenue.

Key benefits

  • See your offline sales tracked in Recurly thanks to Ruler's integration
  • Attribute your closed revenue accurately to your marketing channels, campaigns and keywords
  • Calculate your true ROI
  • Optimise your marketing campaigns based on what drives more revenue, not lead
  • Connect your closed and repeated revenue to your analytics tools

Key features

Ruler's integration with Recurly is simple. You can push your closed revenue from your CRM directly into Recurly through Ruler. But, even better, you can push offline closed revenue in too. So, if you use a sales team that closes via calls, email or meetings, then you can track this within Recurly automatically, and accurately.