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How to add lead source to Zoho CRM

How to add lead source to Zoho CRM

Zoho is an incomparable lead generation tool used by marketers on an international scale. Its ability in helping you to nurture the connections between your brand and any potential consumers is unparalleled.

In Zoho CRM, you have access to all your leads’ data in one space. This provides the key platform from which you can develop relationships with leads, complete tasks, and monitor how your marketing techniques are performing.

Zoho lets you collect a variety of types of info on your leads - including the lead source. Here’s our guide on adding lead sources to Zoho CRM.

How to add lead source in Zoho CRM

  • In the Leads tab on Zoho CRM, you can see and edit data on all your leads in one place.
  • To assign a value for the Lead Source field when you’re adding a new lead to Zoho, click Setup. Then click Customisation > Modules and Fields.
  • You’ll then be sent to the Leads layout page, where you can detail how you’d like data and fields for your leads to be displayed. From here, click Lead Source > More > Edit Properties.
  • This takes you to the Pick List Properties page. Using the Pick List Option selector, you can then (+) Add (or delete) all the list options you’d like to include.
  • Once finished, click Done.

Doing this allows you to track where your most profitable leads are coming from. However, there are much easier ways to add lead source to Zoho CRM

In marketing, we’re always looking for new ways to make our work day easier. With so much to do, work can build up fast. Why not minimise the amount of extra hassle you have on your hands, and automate your workday.

Ruler Analytics can send lead source data directly to Zoho, without you having to work through the steps we just went through above.

Ruler Analytics: marketing attribution made simple

Ruler is a marketing attribution solution for many marketing and sales teams that are looking to focus on the bigger picture. With such technology available, we’ve made it so you can automate the smaller tasks and save time for those big decisions.

Ruler bridges the gap between your marketing data and the CRM you use, syncing everything so you don’t have to put in the manual effort! 

Converting leads to clients is exactly what we as marketers are here to achieve. Using Ruler can make that process much easier as it picks up lead source data for you. It does this by tracking individual users’ data over multiple marketing touchpoints. 

No matter how many times a user has visited your site, Ruler makes the connections for you and streamlines their data so all the links are connected.

Ruler’s lead source data provides much more insight as to where your clients and leads originated, and automates this flow of data between apps along the way.

Book a Ruler Analytics demo to find out more! Or get in touch with us via our live chat tool on the site. You’ll find the option to ask any questions to our knowledgeable team now, right at the bottom left corner of the page.

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