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How to create Zoho reports and attribute marketing revenue to deals

How to create Zoho reports and attribute marketing revenue to deals

Creating Zoho CRM reports means you can observe those important details related to your budget and expected revenue - and how you can get there.

Here’s how to create Zoho CRM reports, and how you can attribute your marketing revenue to deals.

How to create a report in Zoho

 Creating a report in Zoho is easy when you know how to do it. Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Go to the Create Reports tab in Zoho and select ‘Create Report’. From the drop-down list, choose the primary module you need. In the Related Modules section, add columns to your report by selecting the ones you want from the list, define the criteria for the report, and add columns.
  1. Decide whether you need a Tabular, Summary, or Matrix report. Select the type of report under the ‘Report Type’ tab. Each style of report has different qualities and ways of displaying data. Read more about Zoho CRM reports here.

  2. Select and group report columns under the ‘Columns’ tab. Select and add columns from the ‘Available Columns’ list, then edit the order of columns using the arrows. Save your report, then click Run. If making a Summary report, use the Groupings tab to specify the values in your report instead.

  3. Choose your calculation functions in the ‘Columns to total’ tab. Then go to the Criteria tab to choose specific sorting filters. Preview the report by clicking Run, or click Save or Cancel. Organise reports using folders to quickly share and find your data.

How to attribute marketing revenue to deals

Attributing marketing revenue to deals is complicated unless you’re using the right tools. Here are the steps for creating attribution models and analysing reports in Zoho:

  • Set up attribution models in Zoho by clicking through Setup - Automation - Attribution. Choose one of the 6 attribution model shapes to focus on. Customise your selection to specify the importance and processes surrounding each stage.

  • Analyse your marketing attribution reports. Once your attribution model(s) are set, the Campaigns record page will outline the figures within your report. The ‘Contributing Deals’ box defines how many deals led to a specified amount of revenue from your campaign. You can view Attribution reports via clicking ‘Marketing Attribution’ in the Analytics tab.
  • Use Ruler Analytics to attribute marketing revenue to deals in Zoho. The best tip we’ve come up with yet! Ruler is a multi-touch marketing attribution tool that seamlessly integrates data so you can see exactly which deals are working for you. You’ll be able to quickly identify which platforms and channels you should focus on for increased revenue, as well as look at detailed insights into your marketing performance.


How Ruler Analytics can optimise Zoho CRM reports 

Using Ruler is the easiest way to figure out exactly where your revenue is coming from.

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Ruler Analytics documents every action from the moment it’s made, feeding each interaction back into your favourite marketing apps.

Optimising your entire approach to reports, this helps you attribute marketing revenue to specific deals.

To find out more about Ruler, book a demo with us! You can also ask any questions via our live chat tool. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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