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How to integrate Zoho with Google Sheets

How to integrate Zoho with Google Sheets

The benefits of integrating Zoho with Google Sheets are endless.

Integrating these two everyday work essentials allows you to automate your tasks, saving you both time and money in the long run. 

All those mindless, mundane chores like inputting data from one source to another - gone. So that you and your team have more time to focus on the bigger picture.

Here’s our guide on the Zoho CRM Google Sheets integration. You can thank us later!

How Zoho & Google Sheets work together

Zoho is a great all-rounder when it comes to CRM, while Google Sheets is a collaborative tool that allows us to edit and input data in real time, wherever we are.

Zoho and Google Sheets are great tools to use together.

In sync they allow you to gather a complete picture that can be analysed for marketing attribution purposes.

A comprehensive collection of data surrounding your consumers, their touchpoints, conversion rates, and more.

What a lot of people don’t realise, is that you can automate your interactions between Zoho and Google Sheets.

This means you can improve productivity rates and let the programmes do the work for you.

Here’s an example. You have a Google Sheets document that lists all the contact information for visitors to your site. Each time a new visitor pops in, you’ve got to update the Sheet manually.

By automating and integrating Zoho with Google Sheets, it’s all done for you.

But how can you do that?

Automate your workflows

Using Ruler Analytics, you can automate the flow of data between Zoho and Google Sheets without having to worry about the manual work.

Zoho CRM and Google Sheets integration is a must for those wishing to ramp up productivity in the workplace.

Ruler is a tool that makes integrating and sending data between marketing apps easy.

Doing the work behind the scenes to send that all-important info between both Zoho and Sheets, Ruler gathers and distributes marketing attribution data collectively, sending info between all your favourite apps so you don’t have to.

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This automation isn’t limited to one simple task as mentioned above. You can create entire workflows between Zoho and Google Sheets, using:

  • Webhooks
  • Time Delays
  • If / Then Conditions
  • Scheduling
  • Prompts
  • Multi-app Integration

Integrate Ruler with Zoho to Increase Revenue

Still not sure if Ruler Analytics is right for you? Book a free demo with us to explore exactly what we have to offer.

Rather than using your workforce for data entry, they could be much better suited to analysing the best ways to make revenue. Surely that’s a plus. Spend your time wisely and invest in a solution that suits you, and your team.

If you have any questions about how Ruler Analytics works, get in touch with us via our live chat tool.

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