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What is Revenue Analytics in HubSpot?

What is Revenue Analytics in HubSpot?

Revenue analytics is a key tool for businesses looking to understand the sales they’re generating and how much they’re creating compared to how much they’re losing. 

Understanding recurring revenue in HubSpot is paramount as it can help you properly forecast and predict revenue growth. 

How to analyse revenue with Revenue Analytics 

In the HubSpot reports, you can access revenue analytics. But remember, this tool is only available if you have Sales Hub Enterprise or Service Hub Enterprise.

These both start at £990 per month. 

In HubSpot, navigate to Reports > Analytics Tools 

Then follow these steps: 

  1. Click Revenue Analytics 
  2. Use the dropdown menus to filter the data you need. For example, you could limit it by Date range 
  3. In the upper left, click Any pipeline to then filter your data to a specific pipeline. This is useful if you’ve got different teams working different types of deals 

In this report, you’ll be able to see a breakdown of your new, existing and lost revenue by month. And you can easily see how many deals this relates to by clicking the value. 

This sounds like a simple report, but it’s a great visualisation for sales and marketing leaders looking to understand their impact. 

But what if you could plot this revenue to your pipeline stages? 

How to plot revenue against your pipeline

With a tool like Ruler Analytics, you can plot your revenue to your pipeline stages. 

In your CRM, you might have outlined a number of stages for your customer journey. Let’s use an example and say they are: 

  • Lead created 
  • Meeting booked
  • Proposal sent 
  • Won 

This is just a simplified version of a typical customer journey. With a tool like Ruler, you can map your revenue and leads to these stages. 

So, in the Ruler dashboard, you’ll have access to an Opportunity report.

This will show you how many active deals you have (both open and won) within each stage. But, Ruler will also attribute those deals and revenue to the influencing channels. 

In our example, this would allow you to see the number of leads and sales generated by PPC in the Lead created stage, compared to how many are in the Proposal sent stage. This will help you identify what marketing initiatives are driving leads that move through the full funnel. 

Attribute your revenue through HubSpot with Ruler 

If you’re already using HubSpot and are looking for a more affordable solution to marketing attribution, then Ruler could be the tool for you. 

It will help you track full customer journeys, attribute revenue to each stage for every customer, and definitively prove your ROI. 

Book a demo with our team to see the data in action, or learn more with a complete comparison of HubSpot and Ruler

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