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How to use Zoho CRM Webforms for lead generation

How to use Zoho CRM Webforms for lead generation

Zoho can be an invaluable tool for optimising your marketing strategies - if you know how to use it! Understanding Zoho webforms makes the process of capturing user information simple. 

So, here’s our guide on how to use Zoho CRM webforms.

How Zoho CRM webforms work

Zoho CRM webforms are great for capturing customer information, as users are given the chance to submit their data. Webforms help automate the flow of consumer data directly from websites into Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM webforms can be used for a range of things that can help you improve your services and generate leads. These webforms can be embedded into your website via Zoho, making the links between your visitors’ data and your Zoho CRM seamless.

Webforms can capture visitor information entered into the form. This enables you to communicate with users and answer their queries, helping to generate sales.

You can also send out surveys using Zoho CRM webforms, allowing visitors to send you feedback on your services and products. This is great for getting to understand more about exactly what your consumers want, and adapting in response.

But how do you set up Zoho CRM webforms?

Setting up Zoho CRM webforms for lead generation

Setting up webforms in Zoho is easy when you know how to do it. Just follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Log into Zoho CRM and visit Setup > Developer’s Space > Webforms
  2. Choose the module you wish to create your webform for from the dropdown box. Webforms can be set up for Leads, Contacts, and Cases, as well as any Custom Modules you may have made
  3. Click the ‘+ Create Webform button’ and you’ll be taken to the form builder
  4. Drag the selections from the data type options you would like to include in your new Zoho webform to the right
  5. Customise these selections and the text they’ll display until you are happy with your webform. You can include anything from Country, Email, email opt out fields; and more!
  6. Name your form in the Form Details tab. Add tags, enter the Form Location URL, the Landing Page URL (if relevant), and add form owners.
  7. Add email confirmation by turning ‘Enable Double Opt-in’ for double confirmation. Use specific email templates or system generated mail.
  8. Embed your Zoho CRM webform by clicking the Embed Options button. Choose your web form code format, and copy & paste the webform you can then add to your website!

Customising your Zoho CRM webforms

  • Look in the Advanced Tools tab. Here, you’ll find further options to explore, including Privacy Policy and Captcha additions.
  • Use Mandatory Forms. You can also check the ‘Mark as required’ box to ensure that the field is mandatory, so anyone filling out your webform will have to enter their data.
  • Add Tips & Hints. This helps your visitors understand what you’re asking them to enter.
  • Change the font, colour, size and width. You can then preview the form and you’re all set!

Ruler Analytics: Making Zoho CRM webforms easy

Zoho webforms are useful for getting a pulse on your web performance, but using it is not always made as intuitive as it could be.

Zoho will merge all your leads under the same category - usually “web”. This makes it difficult for your marketing and sales teams to identify those specific channels and campaigns that are driving qualified leads.

This is where Ruler Analytics comes in, allowing you to gain access to more granular data about your leads. Ruler helps attribute this data across multiple touchpoints, sessions, keywords, ads, and more.

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All in all, Ruler Analytics is a marketing attribution software that allows you to fill in the gaps when it comes to tracking visitor touchpoints. 

Want to learn more about Ruler?

Attributing your efforts to revenue so you can figure out what to focus on the most, Ruler helps marketers understand exactly which lead generation approaches are leading to revenue.

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Ruler automatically sends webform data to your Zoho CRM, matching it to the individual visitor and streamlining their data in one easy to access space.

Book a Ruler Analytics demo to find out more! Or get in touch with us via our live chat tool on the site.

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