Ruler Analytics: Affordable Alternative to Bizible for 2023

Laura Caveney
3rd December 2022

Bizible is a well-known marketing attribution software. But is it the right choice for your business? We take an analytical look at Bizible and how it stacks up to major competitor, Ruler Analytics.

Ensuring you have an attribution tool in place is vital. Attribution across your multitude of marketing channels can provide efficiency gains of 15-30%.

Bizible is a well-known marketing attribution tool. But is it the right fit for your business? Check out our top picks for marketing attribution tools to find Bizible competitors you could consider.

Remember, Ruler Analytics is a leading tool in the attribution space. So which is better? Keep reading for a complete understanding of:

Let’s get stuck in and find out more about how Ruler works and how it could help you achieve your attribution goals more easily for a better cost.

What is Bizible?

Aimed towards B2B marketers, Bizible is a marketing attribution software that allows marketers to get insight into the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Recently bought by Adobe’s Marketo, Bizible now sits within their suite of tools. Marketo is a marketing automation tool that allows marketers to plan, create and send content. With Bizible’s attribution arm, marketers can then track their customer journeys through their website and understand how their marketing initiatives impact sales and revenue.

Now that Bizible sits within Marketo’s, it now comes with an enterprise price tag. This closes attribution accessibility off for small and midsize businesses who can’t justify the hefty price that comes with implementing Marketo. Luckily, there are affordable Bizible alternatives, like our very own product, Ruler Analytics.

Enter Ruler Analytics: The #1 alternative to Bizible

Ruler Analytics is a marketing attribution tool that allows you to integrate all your key tools and applications. Ruler supercharges the data in your CRM (or wherever you store your lead data) as well as the data pushed into Google Analytics.

So it’s no wonder that Ruler is considered a Bizible competitor.

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Read the complete comparison of Ruler and Bizible to see how the two stack up to one another. And remember, you can book a chat with our team to learn more about how the data works.

We like to call this method of attribution, closed-loop marketing. That’s because we’re literally closing the loop between sales and marketing.

Normally, marketing works like this.

A lead comes in from the website. They’re passed to sales and marketing doesn’t hear any more about it.

Sales then work on the lead to convert them into revenue. They don’t have any data on the lead from marketing so are warming them up blind.

Ruler loops your website to your CRM and your marketing tools. And it allows you to change that narrative.

With Ruler, a lead comes in from the website.

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Ruler will have tracked all of their interactions with your website. When they convert, it will push all that marketing data over to your CRM. This gives both teams good insight on which channels and campaigns are driving more leads. And, it allows sales to understand a bit more about their pain points.

But it doesn’t stop there. Ruler continues to track them. And when sales converts them into a sale, Ruler extracts the revenue data from your CRM and fires it into your chosen marketing apps. That includes Google Analytics, ads dashboards and more.

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You’ll get all the data you want, exactly where you need it most.

With Ruler Analytics, marketers can:

Ruler puts the data right where you need it, giving you the power to make well-informed decisions that will positively impact your marketing outputs.

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Still not sold? Check out why you need Ruler Analytics and see what value this tool can add to your marketing stack.

Ruler Analytics vs Bizible

Ok, so now we know how Ruler Analytics work, we can see that Ruler and Bizible help marketers achieve similar goals. So, here’s how Ruler Analytics stacks up when compared to Bizible:

 Ruler AnalyticsBizible
PriceFrom £199 p/mUnclear as tools are separated by package
Key product featuresOffline conversion tracking


Customer journey mapping

Opportunity pipeline 

Lead data

Attribution modelling

Revenue and cost integration

Attribution Modelling
Multi-touch Attribution
Referral Source Tracking
Conversion Tracking
Pageview Tracking
InterfaceEasy to use interface. Also pushes data to your favourite appsSits as part of Marketo
Google PartnerYesNo

Cost-benefit of Ruler Analytics

While Ruler Analytics is a great alternative to Bizible, it’s also much more affordable. Bizible sits as part of a package offered by Marketo, meaning you have to buy their full package to access any attribution offering.

Ruler starts from just £199 per month and offers every tool you’d need for thorough and proper attribution. We’re opening up enterprise level solutions to medium-large businesses who are looking for a step up. We also don’t tie you into lengthy contracts giving you the flexibility you need.

Customer support

Not only is there minimal to no requirement for cross-team involvement in implementation. But, we also have individual account managers just a phone call or email away – not passed around multiple account managers. You won’t get stuck with a helpdesk or ticket system.

Customer journey mapping

What better way to understand how your channels and campaigns are working together than customer mapping? This feature allows you to view full customer journeys. So you’ll be able to identify if PPC is working better as TOFU or BOFU content and you’ll be able to edit your content accordingly.

Get started with Ruler Analytics

If you’re after an affordable alternative to Bizible and Marketo, then Ruler could be for you. Want to find out more about Ruler? We highly recommend taking a short demo with one of our team. You’ll be able to see our platform in action and understand how it can work for you to track every lead and get a better understanding of your ROI.

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