What is Call Attribution and How to Get Started 

20th March 2023

Measure the results from your marketing campaigns more efficiently with call attribution software and see how you can get the best return on investment from the implementation of your marketing strategy. 

If your business is currently running ads to try to attain more leads and prospective customers, then you would understand that the customer journey is not always linear.

There are many ways a potential customer can find and interact with your brand and services without clicking on your ad.

As a matter of fact, according to Adinsight 43% of all online search-related conversions take place by phone, with most businesses considering phone calls one of, if not the most, valuable source of quality leads.

Consequently, as a marketer and performance team, how do you measure the results of your marketing campaigns?

Luckily with call attribution, you can see how your marketing efforts develop into phone calls and how call tracking can help with that attribution. 

In this article we will discuss the following points: 

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What is call attribution?  

Call attribution is essentially a method that allows you to collect data by tracking phone calls from a marketing source which can either be from a keyword, session or campaign. 

This data can then provide insight into how your marketing campaigns are performing, allow you to better measure your cost per acquisition (CPA) and better understand the ROI on your marketing activities. 

If you are a marketer and looking to reduce the risk of wasting money on campaigns that are not delivering results, then the implementation of call attribution can be highly beneficial. 

Call attribution software allows you to optimise the current channels you are using which can include: 

How does call attribution work? 

Call attribution software works by using a combination of cookies and dynamic number insertion.  

Dynamic number insertion (DNI) is a marketing analytics technology that works by inserting a small snippet of JavaScript code onto a website. 

The code will dynamically substitute the phone number on your businesses mobile and desktop web pages with a unique trackable phone number that will be presented for each visitor. 

In addition, the cookies work in conjunction with DNI by following the visitors as they browse your site. 

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When the consumer makes a phone call, the call attribution software will capture all the attribution data from the website visit and phone conversation. 

The data will then be passed on to the call attribution software platform where marketers can view custom reports on how their campaigns are performing. 

What data does call attribution software provide marketers?

Call Attribution software allows you to capture a significant amount of data which can benefit marketers including: 

What are the 3 types of call attribution? 

There are three types of call attribution. Each of these types of call attribution can provide valuable insights into different aspects of your marketing efforts. 


 1. Campaign-level call attribution 

Campaign-level attribution is when you’re looking to see how a singular campaign led to a phone call. 

This is the most basic form of call attribution and can be set up by assigning a singular tracking number to each campaign.  

When someone calls that specific tracking number you can see that the call came from that campaign.

2. Session-level call attribution

Session-level call attribution is when you can see precisely how a customer interacted within a singular user session with your advertising campaigns and website before they made a phone call. 

This caller attribution information can provide you with vital insights into the context of the call and allow you to make more informed business decisions.  

3. Visitor-level attribution 

Visitor-level attribution is the most sophisticated as it provides you with complete visibility of the customer journey including all the touchpoints that led to the sale. 

When a customer calls, the caller attribution information and profile data will be captured. This level of attribution requires the integration of your call tracking and CRM platform to receive a full perspective of the customer journey. 

How can I close the attribution loop and increase my ROI?

If your business is running digital marketing campaigns where the main objective is to drive customers to your site, it can be extremely difficult to calculate your CPA if you are not collecting all the relevant data. 

With the implementation of call attribution software, you can attribute a call to the paid media source which allows you to make ROI calculations. 

The collection of extra data allows you to enhance your marketing strategy by understanding which channels and keywords are driving sales. 

Call attribution software can also capture the keywords that were used by each caller through accessing your paid ad.

This allows businesses to see which keywords are effective in making consumers aware of their services and which are irrelevant. 

In addition, if you integrate call attribution software with your CRM you can track the customer journey from the initial call directly to all marketing initiatives and the sales outcomes. 

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Take Delacon and Ruler Analytics, for example. 

The Ruler and Delacon Integration allows you to receive comprehensive information in relation to your inbound call leads via Delacon which can be attributed within your Ruler Analytics dashboard. 

Instead of simply gaining information surrounding the lead source of a direct phone call, this integration allows the user to connect to their previous marketing touchpoints which paints a full picture of all marketing activity.

Final thoughts on call attribution

All in all, call attribution is an essential element to any successful marketing campaign.

It provides you with the ability to measure your cost per acquisition (CPA) and gain a clearer understanding of the ROI on your marketing activities.

If you are looking to gain valuable insights into the performance of your marketing strategy or if you are interested in Delacon’s Integration with Ruler Analytics reach out today.

Georgina Mallon is the Marketing Manager at Delacon. She is passionate about increasing the emphasis based on digital marketing to improve brand awareness and is looking to expand the use of marketing channels to attract and convert new customers. In her spare time Georgina likes to play sport and travel.