How does Dynamic Number Insertion Work?

how does dynamic number insertion work -

Any business needing to measure the impact of their online advertising on their inbound phone calls needs Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI). It is an essential part of call tracking; without it, you are unable to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns accurately.


How Dynamic Number Insertion works

When someone visits your website via an organic search or clicking on an ad, DNI technology generates a number unique to that ad campaign, website, keyword or other source depending on your business. It is normally used to assess the performance of a specific ad campaign, such as Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media or Offline. However, what if DNI could go one better, and actually provide you with all the background information that led to each individual making their call?


DNI with Ruler Analytics

Ruler Analytics Dynamic Number Insertion offers you a greater insight than other DNI packages, as it assigns an individual phone number to each individual visitor to your site. By doing this, you are now able not just to determine how each user found your site, but also:

  • Any pages the individual visited before making the call, pinpointing the exact source of the conversion
  • Call details: call recordings, number, time and date
  • Whether or not the individual had made a return visit
  • Whether they used another source to find you originally.


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Which companies need Dynamic Number Insertion?

If your business generates leads over the telephone, DNI is essential if you want to find out which of your online marketing efforts is generating the best results. This applies to many businesses including hotels, restaurants, solicitors, tradesmen, hairdressers, I.T. services; an inexhaustible list of industries.

Let’s use a PPC campaign as an example. There is a huge variety of software available, both paid and free, that can tell you which paid search keywords are driving web conversions to your site. However, what they can’t tell you is what impact your PPC ads are having on your telephone leads. Without this information, it’s impossible to calculate the effectiveness, and therefore the cost, of each ad, campaign and keyword.


Benefits of Dynamic Number Insertion

Now you know what Dynamic Number Insertion is, it’s time to focus on how it can benefit your business.


Any number type available

At Ruler Analytics we can provide you with almost any number type, whether you’re looking for local numbers, paid or 0800. This can be especially helpful for businesses who want to establish a local presence, as a local phone number makes people in your area more likely to call you.


Which keywords and campaigns are generating the most leads

Keyword level call tracking enables you to determine which keywords and campaigns are generating the most telephone leads.


Optimise your budget

Without keyword level call tracking you can’t assess which keywords offer the best returns, and therefore how paid search is impacting your phone-based revenue.


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Measure the value of each telephone lead

Record and play back all your telephone leads who called using a unique number on your website, whether they found you via SEO, PPC or Social. Listening back to your telephone calls allows you to determine the value of each call.

Keyword level call tracking offers you valuable information about how your campaigns are performing. This information will save you potentially wasting money on marketing activities that are simply not working.

Ruler Analytics are currently offering a demo of their Dynamic Number Insertion, to give you the chance to discover how well it could work for your business. Along with the demo, they also include a FREE 30-day trial of Ruler Analytics, so you can see for yourself the many ways in which it can help you assess your marketing activities and turn them into profits.

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