How to Set Up Call Tracking for Google Analytics

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Call tracking is a must if you’re using a sales team to field potential leads via phone. However, getting the data for your inbound calls into your analytics software is a challenge.

How can you see the revenue your sales team is generating via offline conversions? Well, we’re here to tell you exactly how to do that.

First, let’s look into the two ways you can track calls.


How to set up call tracking

Adding call goals to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an amazing tool for measuring your marketing, your website, and actions people take when on your site.

Nowadays, pretty much every website will have their business number pride of place. But, how can you see how many people are clicking to call you?

Ruler Analytics integrates with your Google Analytics account by sending inbound calls to a goal you create in GA. We report calls to Google Analytics as an event, so that you can monitor it directly within your website analytics.

If you’re a regular GA user, then this means you can use the platform as normal. But now, inbound calls will show up as a tracked conversion. Pretty neat, right?

Create a phone call goal

Setting your Google Analytics account up to integrate with call tracking from Ruler is easy.

Just follow these simple steps:

Log into your Google Analytics account.

Click Admin at the bottom of the left hand sidebar (or look for the little gear).

Choose the account and property in which you want to create the goal.

In the view column, select Goals.

Then, select New Goal at the top of the page to start building a new conversion tracker.

In the goal setup step, select custom, then click continue.


Then, on the Goal description step, enter a Goal Name and select Event. Then click Continue.


In the final stage, for goal details, set Category Equals to Phone. The yes or no switch for event value won’t affect your reporting if you’re just using call tracking.

However, if you’re also using Ruler for marketing attribution, then you will want to leave it as ‘yes’. This is so that we can send over the revenue data from your inbound calls when users convert into sales.


Finally, click Save to activate your goal.

Viewing call goals in Google Analytics

Once you start receiving goals, which will pass through your goal tracker, you can view your call data directly in your Google Analytics dashboard. Remember, it can take up to 24 hours for your call goals to begin reporting after you’ve integrated Ruler Analytics with Google Analytics.


Viewing events

In Google Analytics, click behaviour in the left hand column. Then choose events followed by top events.

You’ll then be able to see a table that looks like this:


You can also view your calls by clicking acquisition in the left-hand column, and then clicking overview.

From here, you can change the view of conversions, to see your conversion rate by channel over a set period of time.

This is helpful to understand what channels are working best at bringing in new calls.

If you use Ruler Analytics revenue attribution, then the revenue column will also indicate what amount of revenue each channel is bringing, by conversion. This is a great way to develop your marketing, as you’re getting a true insight of your revenue, not just clicks and leads.


Using a call tracking software

Ruler Analytics fires all of the information about your inbound calls into Google Analytics at the point of sale.

However, Ruler stores more information directly within the platform. As soon as a website visitor completes a conversion e.g. submits a form or clicks to call, Ruler will fire all the information stored on that user over to your CRM.

You can also see the information directly in Ruler. The information here goes beyond Google Analytics as you can view every individual call. You can see call duration, and even record and play back calls.

This means you can:

  • Monitor the quality of your calls from an overall and channel level
  • Identify opportunities for training for sales team members
  • Optimise your marketing and prove ROI for driving inbound calls

How to track offline conversions

At Ruler Analytics, we offer call tracking, but we go one step further.

Integrating call tracking with our marketing attribution model means you can see how many people have called, and where their call came from (device, channels, campaign, and even keyword). But beyond that, we can show you just how much revenue your calls are generating.

This, tied in with marketing attribution means you can see what channels, campaigns and keywords are bringing in the most revenue via phone call. We also track forms and live chat.

Closed Loop Marketing - Funnel -

This closed-loop marketing attribution allows you to get a full view of your sales and marketing data and how the two interlink.

Here’s how it works

We add code to your site, and create processes in the background to allow us to:

  • Monitor and track anonymous users on your site using their cookie data
  • As soon as they click to call, or fill in a form, we track that entry point and fire all of the data we hold on them into your CRM
  • At the point of sale, we fire all of the revenue data into your analytics software, whether that’s Google Analytics or Facebook

You might be asking what this looks like, and what it really means? Well, marketing attribution alongside proper call tracking allows you to see the data where you need it.

Facebook offline conversions - buyer journey -


Whether you’re in your CRM and looking at where your leads have come from, or if you’re in GA looking to see what campaigns are bringing in the most revenue. We can add all the data you need to properly link your sales data to your marketing data. That means you can prove your marketing ROI, and optimise your campaigns and marketing efforts to what you can see works best.


Book a demo with our team to find out more about how our software can help you, or, enrol in our call-tracking masterclass for hints and tips to get the most out of your call tracking software.

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