How does Ruler Analytics phone call tracking work?

Ian Leadbetter
31st March 2016
Phone Call Tracking

Ruler Analytics phone tracking works by overriding the phone number on your website and replacing it with a unique phone number for each individual visitor. When the number is called the call is sent to your original number.

Each time a new visitor lands on the website the phone number is changed by Ruler accordingly.

As Ruler is able to match the number to a unique visitor, Ruler is also able to tell you more information about the visitor who called such as the marketing method that drove the visitor to the website (E.g. Google Ads and the keyword) and the pages the visitor looked at etc.

Ruler is also able to tell you the callers number, how long the call lasted, how long it took to answer and listen to a recording of the phone call.

What if somebody writes the number and calls the number later?

If Ruler cannot match the number to a visitor the call will still work but it will appear in reporting as an unspecified call.

Do you offer different number types?

We have access to every UK and International number type including Free, Premium, Geographic and Non-Geographic which can be requested within your settings.

I have multiple offices / locations. Can I have more than one number?

Yes, you can have as many different numbers as necessary.

Is there an additional cost or minute charge?

Phone numbers are free unless you require a specific premium number type e.g. a free phone or geographic in which case additional minutes charges may apply if you receive a very high amount of inbound calls approx 2 pence per minute(£).

Does Ruler’s phone call tracking need to integrate with my telephone system?

No, Ruler’s call tracking is completely seamless and will work with your existing phone system.

Can I use Ruler numbers for other marketing campaigns such as offline and print?

Yes, please contact us and we can provide specific additional numbers for each campaign you are running.