4 Reasons Why Law Firms Need Call Tracking

Laura Caveney
3rd September 2020

There are thousands of law firms across the UK with over 200,000 solicitors on the roll, as of 2020.  With all of these law firms competing against one another to use digital marketing to drive more leads, and ultimately, more revenue.

Search engines have been quick to cash in on the competition within the legal market when it comes to PPC advertising. “Lawyer” and “attorney” are the two most expensive keywords on Bing, with each costing over $100 per click.

Law firms often rely on phone calls to convert leads into new or return clients. Without call tracking, you’re not getting a full view of your marketing impact.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking software is an easy way to track, record and attribute your inbound calls.

Let us explain.

Ruler Analytics uses call tracking software to create unique numbers across your website. By doing so, we can monitor every time someone calls a number of your site.

Even better, we can record those calls.

So even if you’re using call extensions on your PPC adverts, we can create unique numbers for that campaign and use them to measure their success.


How can call tracking help you market your law firm?

Improve your marketing ROI 

Call tracking enables you to increase the ROI (return on investment) of each of your marketing channels by providing you with vital information you need to get the most out of your marketing. It shows you exactly which channel each caller has come from, whether that’s PPC, organic or social media. And, you can even measure it by the keyword search prior to calling.

You’ll be able to analyse which pages of your website were visited prior to the call, and use all of this data to improve your marketing efforts to increase ROI.


Maximise your budget

Budgets are often tight, but expectations are still high. Visitor level analytics such as call tracking allows you to identify not just your most successful marketing activities, but also those campaigns which are not delivering the level of returns you were expecting.

This information will prevent you from wasting any more money on platforms that aren’t performing well. You can then divert that designated spend into other campaigns that are consistently generating good results.

And who knows. By increasing your ROI and increasing leads (and revenue) with call tracking, you might just start to see more budget come your way!


Measure the quality of your leads

Listening back to recorded calls enables you to analyse the quality and type of leads your marketing campaigns are generating. Are you attracting the kind of clients you’re looking for? Are you offering a service that meets the needs of your target market? Understanding these details will enable you to adjust your marketing and, if necessary, business efforts, to ensure you’re running a relevant and profitable business that is appropriate to the needs of your customers.


Improve your existing services

From a sales perspective, recording calls is important too. You can look back on calls that didn’t result in revenue, and see if there was a reason why. Perhaps members of your sales team need further training on a particular product. By viewing your marketing and sales as one larger function, you can help increase conversion rates at each and every stage of the customer’s journey.

And you can also use the recordings as a training tool, as new staff can learn from previous examples, and both new and existing staff can gain an understanding of the level of service they are expected to provide.



Start call tracking with Ruler Analytics

So, now you know you need it, we bet you want to get started right?

Ruler Analytics Call Tracking is an easy, user-friendly platform that provides with all the metrics you need to make sure your marketing efforts are working as effectively as possible for you. It uses Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) technology, which generates a unique number for each visitor to your website. This number can then be tracked, enabling you to trace their journey from which advertising campaign they clicked on, or which keywords they used in an organic search, through to which pages of your website led them to make their call.

Ruler Analytics also provides Call Recording as part of the service, allowing you to capitalise on your online marketing efforts by providing the best possible service once a lead speaks to you in person.

Having all of this essential data to hand in one easily accessible place makes it easier than ever to get the most out of all your marketing activities and stand out from the crowd of legal professionals advertising online.

Here’s a quick overview of just how it works.



Traffic sources from anonymous visitors
Ruler tracks each anonymous visitor to the website over multiple sessions, traffic source and keywords



Conversions on your website
Ruler tracks when they convert via phone call, form or live chat



Ruler unifies the data
Ruler matches the real user details to the marketing touch points



Integrations to Analytics & CRM
Ruler sends the data into your Analytics, CRM and other products



Close the loop
When the sale is then closed into revenue ruler ties this back into GA and Ads to report real sales and revenue using Google Ads GCLID and Google Analytics ClientID


Want to get started? Book a demo to contact our sales team and see how our call tracking can help you connect your sales data to your marketing campaigns. Or, find out how to go one further, and attribute all of your online, and offline conversions directly within Ruler.

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