Company Identification: Track Website Visitors and Generate Leads with Ruler Analytics

Company identification tracking website visitors and generate leads with Ruler Analytics -

Discover in-depth Information about the Companies Browsing your Products and Services Online with Ruler Analytics’ unique ability to Track Website Visitors


In this article, we are going to give our readers the opportunity to learn a little bit more about our company tracking feature. Basically, it allows you to track website visitors individually, whilst identifying the company they work for – useful tool for B2B marketing.

Essentially, it can be used to collect information about companies that visit your site, how they arrived in the first place, their various details, the pages they looked at, and information about any conversions.


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Receive a List of Companies that Visit your Website

Website visitor tracking from Ruler Analytics will give you a list of companies that have previously looked at your site, with details about the date and time of their visit.


Find out How they Discovered your Website

Ruler Analytics will also track website visitors to identify the initial source they used to find you.

For example, it could have been via social media or a PPC advertising campaign.

In this case, Ruler would provide you with the keyword used to trigger that visit too along with any UTM terms used in a specific URL.


Determine Company Details Such as their Name, Address, and Phone Number

After we track website visitors, Ruler Analytics will go out and discover their most important details and deliver them straight to your dashboard. Information can also include location and email if accessible.


Reveal the Landing Page or any other Pages they Viewed

Ruler Analytics has the power to record any previous sessions an individual or company may have participated in, which includes all the pages they viewed on your website.

This is especially useful for analysing the effectiveness of landing pages.


Track Down any Conversion Details

Last but not least, the recent conversion report on Ruler Analytics will show your most recent leads or sales made via the website, including the date and time.

Furthermore, this can also include call tracking, which not only has the ability to track the date and time of your latest telephone correspondence but also record the conversation that took place.

You can then listen back and measure the value of each telephone call.


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How can Ruler Analytics’ Company Identification Software Benefit you?

If you are a business owner that provides products or services to another organisation, you will already know that B2B selling isn’t always a walk in the park. But without it you would be unable to track website visitors and generate any leads.

Therefore, being given the ability to see which companies are visiting your website will give you a head start on prospecting. Consequently, this will allow you to turn leads into sales quicker as well.

On top of that, receiving a detailed overview of who is browsing your website will provide you with more accurate insights into the companies you are successfully targeting already.

From here, you can then profile potential leads in order to create effective and targeted marketing campaigns.

It is also worth pointing out that Ruler Analytics allows you to download a CSV for website visitor tracking.

This means you can export and filter companies out into a spreadsheet, which as you will no doubt agree makes the prospecting process a lot less daunting.


Start Tracking Website Visitors with Ruler Analytics

Company identification track website visitors and generate leads with Ruler Analytics -


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