Definitively measuring ROI and optimising your PPC campaign in lead generation using Ruler Analytics

definitively measuring ROI and optimising your PPC campaign in lead generation using Ruler Analytics -

The Problem

In a lead generation scenario, we don’t know the quality of the lead until it is qualified or processed which can take time depending on your market.

PPC campaigns are therefore measured and optimised based on conversions or goals, often the goal or conversion figure doesn’t match the number of leads you have. This is clearly a big issue particularly when leads are high value.

Even well run PPC campaigns can suffer in this scenario as we see conversion rates improve and cost per acquisition decrease however the quality of converted leads remains the same.


The Solution

In order to solve this problem, we need to stop measuring and optimising for conversions and goals and get to the real detail which is the lead itself. This involves matching our real leads to the exact keyword that created them.



In order to match the lead to the keyword, we need to structure the campaign and add some additional tracking to our website (forms & phone numbers).

We also find for lead generation companies over 50% of their leads come through inbound calls so we also need to track and match calls to enquiries.


Identifying the Traffic Source

The first stage is to ensure you know the exact traffic source and in the case of PPC, the keyword. Google encrypts the majority of this traffic (keyword not provided) so you will need to pass the keyword to the landing page in the URL using the Final URL option. Here is an example of what your URL might look like, keyword insertion works here and can save time:{keyword}

More information here:


Tracking Forms

Once we have sent the traffic to the website we need to capture the visitors form details so we can match them up. You could store the traffic data and pass it through the form in a hidden field but this would not attribute value to multiple visits. Ruler Analytics tracks each visit and journey and can scrape all form inputs so this is taken care of.

Tracking Phone Calls

As mentioned earlier from our data we see over 50% of lead generation conversions come through the phone so we need a way to match the individual call to the keyword. Ruler Analytics takes care of this by showing a different phone number to each visitor allowing us to match the traffic source to the inbound call. Offline or static number calls can also be tracked for example this would allow you to track calls from a print ad or Google Ad Extension.



Now that we have a list of leads and calls we now have to match them up to see which ones converted into real business. This can be done manually via spreadsheet and fed back to the person responsible for the PPC campaign to optimise accordingly. Ruler Analytics also allows you to pass your leads and calls to CRM products automatically using Zapier.


Optimisation & ROI Calculation

Once we have identified the keywords that are driving the high quality leads we are able to optimise the campaign based on this rather than a conversion count. We are also able to calculate an exact ROI id the leads are matched against revenue generated.



The end result is the predictable nature of PPC should turn your marketing efforts into a numbers game removing the current ambiguity and allowing you to optimise and definitively calculate ROI.

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Director at Ruler Analytics with a background in online marketing, lead generation and analytics. Ian’s role includes designing automated workflows and integrations to help clients attribute the marketing effectively