14 Sales Enablement Tools and Software for 2023

Katie Holmes
22nd December 2022

Consider these sales enablement tools and make your sales and marketing teams more effective at closing deals.

Did you know that companies with sales enablement solutions achieve better sales results? 

It’s reported that companies with sales enablement have 15% better win rates than those without it.

There’s no shortage of tools offering to help you with your sales enablement.

While this may be seen as an advantage, it can also act as a disadvantage in that it makes your search for the right sales enablement tool a lot harder. 

To help you quickly find what you’re looking for, we’ve put together a list of must-have sales enablement tools to help increase the productivity and results of your sales team.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

Pro Tip

Ruler is a great example of a sales enablement tool that brings together your marketing, sales and customer teams. It works by tracking each and every individual user throughout their entire customer journey and attributes revenue back to the marketing touchpoints that led to the sale.

Learn more on how Ruler attributes sales to your marketing

What is sales enablement?

In essence, the purpose of sales enablement is to make sales teams more effective at closing deals and driving revenue.

Sales enablement involves multiple departments such as marketing, sales and customer success. 

Each team works together to provide sales with the necessary insight and processes needed to convert more leads into opportunities. 

Think about it this way. 

As talented as Lewis Hamilton is, he didn’t become an F1 world champion by his own accord. He became the best with the help of his pit crew and solid foundation of automotive knowledge.

The same message applies to sales enablement.

With the appropriate support from marketing and customer success teams, sales can go on to score more high-quality leads and revenue.

What is a sales enablement tool and why are they important?

Essentially, a sales enablement tool is a piece of technology that helps improve and accelerate the impact of your sales team. 

They’re a must-have for any company serious about growing and attracting the ideal customers.

While there are many different sales enablement tools, most share the same goal. 

That is to help make the process of driving high-quality leads and closing deals more streamlined. 

Sales enablement tools can bring many benefits to your company. The two main benefits of integrating such a tool are:

Better alignment between sales and marketing teams 

For a long time, sales and marketing teams have functioned separately, often not knowing what the other is doing.

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Marketing is responsible for the online and offline reputation of the business. They employ specific strategies to generate leads and sales for the company along with raising your brand profile.

These leads are thrown over the wall to sales in the hope that they convert to real business.

Since sales and marketing are focused on different goals, the process of moving leads down the funnel becomes disjointed and broken.

Eventually, the opportunities and revenue dry up, and the blame game begins.

The sales team accuse marketing of sending too many unqualified leads, and the marketing team criticises sales for not closing enough opportunities. 

Sales enablement tools, however, break down the silos.

They serve as a single source of truth and allow everyone to work from the same data.

No longer can sales point the finger at marketing, or marketing point the finger at sales.

Instead, sales and marketing unite around shared goals and initiatives to target the right type of audience and convert more leads into revenue.

Achieve shorter sales cycles

Today’s consumers are constantly moving from one channel to another to make important purchasing decisions. We found marketing teams use as many as 13 different channels to disseminate content. 

As a result, the average sales cycle has become longer and harder to manage for companies. 

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When surveyed, 52% of companies reported that they endure sales cycles lasting between one to three months, while 18% have sales cycles greater than four months.

With sales enablement tools, it becomes easier to track your sales cycles and identify how prospects travel through multiple channels and mediums.

This insight allows marketing and sales teams to design more targeted and relevant communication strategies to close leads into deals quicker. 

Pro Tip

Tracking user interactions across multiple channels unlocks powerful insight which you can use to improve and shorten your sales cycle. Download our guide on how to track customer journeys and learn how to follow the complete lifecycle from awareness to loyalty.

Download the guide on tracking customer touchpoints

What should you look for in a sales enablement tool? 

There’s a lot to consider when searching for the right sales enablement tool. Below, we’ve listed some factors that you can take into consideration to help find the solution for your business.

Best sales enablement tools and software for 2023

Every company is different and has its own unique needs and priorities. 

It is for this reason that we’ve put great effort into developing a diverse list of sales enablement tools to help you streamline your sales process and close more deals. 

For this list, we’ll be looking at tools across each of these core categories:

Let’s dive in. 

Analytics and sales attribution tools

Sales analytics and attribution tools provide key insights that help you optimise your campaigns and convert more of your traffic into sales-ready leads.

Ruler Analytics


Ruler is a marketing attribution solution for forms, phone calls and live chat, evidencing every step a visitor makes in their journey and matching revenue back to the source.

It works by tracking every visitor – even the anonymous ones – over multiple sessions, traffic sources, keywords and more. Whenever they convert, Ruler sends all that information it’s captured about your leads and their marketing touchpoints to your CRM. 

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Naturally, some leads will fall through the cracks and others will convert into a deal or sale. In that event, the customer’s information, such as the revenue amount and marketing data, is sent back to the Ruler dashboard. 

This data is then attributed across the customer’s touchpoints, allowing you to see which marketing channels are having the greatest impact on your revenue metrics and goals.

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By closing the loop between sales revenue and marketing activity, Ruler’s platform provides a single source of truth to identify which campaigns drive revenue. 

Such insight allows you to make meaningful decisions to optimise your marketing spend for better results. Ruler integrates with analytics tools, CRM and other products, allowing you to measure your impact on revenue within your favourite reporting tools. 

Pricing for Ruler starts at £199 a month. You can save 20% by paying annually and there are also discounted rates for agency partners.

Pro Tip

Want to know more? See first-hand how Ruler can bring together your marketing, sales and customer teams by tracking your entire customer journeys and attributing revenue to your marketing campaigns.

Book a free demo of Ruler



As Demandbase is an ABM platform, you’ll have the ability to match your marketing data directly to your accounts and find out how engaged your leads and opportunities are. 

It measures every interaction a lead has with your brand, and not only those that happened as a result of targeted marketing campaigns. 

There isn’t a free option for Demandbase. Pricing is available upon request but can expect to pay ~$25,000 to $50,000/year. 



Seismic is a powerful sales intelligence and analytics solution that allows businesses to improve their impact on revenue income. 

The functionality in Seismic is easy to navigate, and its flexibility allows you to access your documents and insights in a few simple clicks.

Pricing for Seismic is billed annually and costs anywhere from $384 to $780 per user.  



Terminus is a powerful analytics solution that offers a variety of features that helps with your ABM workflows. 

You can see information on how all your campaigns tie back to revenue, and how effectively they work.

Pricing for Terminus is available upon request. For smaller businesses, Terminus may be a bit much to build and maintain long term. 

Sales prospecting and intelligence tools

With prospecting and intelligence tools, you can automate your entire outreach strategy, help build the pipeline quickly and efficiently with higher quality contacts and convert more of your sales-ready leads into paying customers.



Apollo is a data-first engagement platform that provides sales reps with intelligence to help improve the quality of their conversations. 

It integrates with Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach, SalesLoft and Marketo so that you can take advantage of the data straight from the tools you use every day.

There are four pricing tiers for Apollo: The $0/month Free plan, the $49/month Basic plan, the $99/month Pro plan, and the custom Enterprise plan.



Brainshark allows you to transform documents into voice enriched video presentations so that you can share your sales collateral directly with prospective buyers. 

The tool prepares your sales teams with knowledge and messages they need to convert more leads into opportunities.

Brainshark solutions are purchased as annual subscriptions on a per-user basis. It has two plans available: Pro and Premier. Pricing for both plans is upon request only.



Overloop is a powerful tool that helps marketing and sales reps find contact information associated with any website. 

The solution allows you to import your lists or search and import from Linkedin, which is very effective for outreach and sales prospecting.

There are three pricing tiers for Overloop: The $0/month Lite plan, the $49/month Standard plan and the $99/month Advanced plan.



TechTarget provides actionable insights and allows you to see which companies, and sometimes specific end-users of the company, are interested in your company’s products and services.

Pricing for TechTarget is customisable. You’ll need to contact TechTarget directly to request pricing information. 



Yesware is used by sales teams to close deals more efficiently. It’s an all-in-one solution that helps track emails, schedules meetings, creates templates and more straight from your inbox.

There are five pricing tiers for Yesware: The $0 Free plan, the $15/month Pro plan, the $35/month Premium plan, the $65/month Enterprise plan and the Custom plan. 

Sales acceleration and engagement tools

Sales acceleration and engagement tools help improve productivity, streamline pipeline movement in the CRM and allow you to provide more value at each stage of the customer’s buying journey.



Self-declared the #1 sales enablement tool, Groove is the perfect solution for full-cycle sellers and cross-team collaboration. 

Groove is simple to use, but at the same time, offers a lot of value when trying to connect and sell to new customers.

Pricing for Groove requires a custom quote only and is mostly compatible with Salesforce. 



Highspot is a sales enablement solution that allows sales reps to develop customer conversations and help increase growth rates. 

The Highspot platform consolidates intelligent content management, training, contextual guidance, customer engagement, and actionable insights to help sales teams sell more effectively.

Pricing for Highspot is billed annually and costs anywhere from $600 per user.  



MindTickle allows you to develop, coach and improve the performance of your sales reps. 

The functionality keeps sales teams prepared to face customers and prospective buyers with the most relevant information and solutions.

There are two different pricing plans available for MindTickle. Pricing starts from $299 for the standard package for up to 100 users and $6,199 for the professional package for more than 10,000 users.



Outreach delivers powerful insights that result in more efficient selling. Users of Outreach have described the tool as extremely flexible and easy to use. 

One of the most popular features of Outreach is that it allows you to track when someone has opened an email and how they have engaged with it in real-time.

Outreach’s pricing starts at $100 a month per user and is billed annually. 



Salesloft creates a solution for sales teams to communicate with customers, navigate the sales process, and strive toward revenue success. 

The Chrome extension makes it easy to add prospects to an outbound cadence and notifies you if a lead is in an active cadence or communication with another sales rep.

SalesLoft’s pricing varies from $75 for the group version to $125/mo per user for the enterprise edition and has a minimum of 3 users.

How many sales enablement tools are there?

There are tons of tools out there to help with your sales enablement—more beyond this list. 

But, we hope our list above has inspired you and provided a good jumping-off point. 

Most tools in this list are focused on improving your content and communication with leads. 

Ruler, however, allows you to see the specific movements and actions of your users from page to page and track what happens once they convert into a lead or sale. 

And, we’re sure you can agree, tracking leads and customers across multiple sessions, campaigns, keywords and ads, is key to scaling your profitability. 

Want more information on Ruler? Book a demo and harness marketing attribution data to improve your sales enablement strategy. 

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