Uncovering 20% more leads via Google Ads utilising Ruler's offline conversion tracking

“Our spend has stayed consistent year on year, but as we’re now able to optimise based on all leads rather than web conversions, we’ve seen an 8% increase in leads and our cost per lead has reduced by 11%.”
Daniel Marshall
Digital Marketing Manager

As the world’s leading outsourced communications provider, it is fair to say Moneypenny understands how important conversations are to growing a business. Founded in 2000, the company delivers Telephone Answering, Live Chat, Outsourced Switchboard and multichannel customer services for hundreds of thousands of clients across the UK and USA.

Business of all shapes and sizes – from sole traders right up to multinational corporations – use Moneypenny to handle some or all of their inbound marketing activity and customer enquiries.  Moneypenny is able to ensure that all phone calls and live chats are captured for their clients 24/7 either acting as a fully outsourced support or as overflow to a client’s inhouse team. They tag up each call or chat and if it’s a new business enquiry can integrate these into their customers own CRM systems making them an invaluable partner to firms focused on inbound marketing and sales as a key route to growth.

Your call is important to us

Moneypenny’s marketing team operate across all digital marketing channels, with multiple campaigns in play to drive leads into their website, who then typically engage with the sales team via phone, live chat or web form, where they would make their way through the sales funnel and convert offline.

This poses a reporting challenge for Moneypenny’s marketing team, who lost visibility once the lead was handed to the sales team. Daniel Marshall, Digital Marketing Manager at Moneypenny explained,

“We were confident we were missing data on a large number of leads via paid search, particularly for leads that came in via the phone. While we could cross reference leads in CRM, there was no way of accurately tracking the leads from phone calls back to a traffic source.”

Given the broad mix of business size that Moneypenny serve, this black hole in their reporting made it impossible to discern what separates a great lead from the crowd.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Aware of this issue, Moneypenny searched for solution to help identify leads via phone calls. Daniel said, “Initially we were looking for a call-tracking product, when we came across Ruler Analytics. The ability to track not only calls, but live chat and web forms was a huge advantage, but it was the attribution feature which really appealed to us.”

By implementing Ruler across their website, Moneypenny has been able to definitively track all visitors to their website and match lead data back to the original source. This enriched data is then pushed to Google Analytics and Ads where the team can see leads, opportunities and won clients attributed back to specific campaigns and keywords, which removed time consuming tasks from Daniel’s to-do list.

“Ruler’s conversion tracking solution has helped us to get data into Google Ads quickly and frequently, meaning we can spend more time on account optimisation to improve lead volumes and Cost Per Lead”

With Ruler in place, Daniel’s assumptions on missing data were proven correct.

“Ruler has become imperative to our paid search reporting.  We quickly identified we were losing visibility on around 20% of leads that came in via phone, meaning our view of overall CPL was incorrect. With Ruler’s data we’re now able to optimise campaigns based on actual won business, as opposed to web conversions.”

“We knew prospects like to interact with us in different ways, so the ability to see what drives live chat leads has been of huge benefit too, as we can now identify which keywords work for this specific audience.”

Data driven optimisation

Now armed with data they can trust, Moneypenny’s understanding of what drives a high quality lead has allowed them to reap the benefits.

“Being able to surface this data has allowed us to be more intelligent in the way we optimise our paid search activity. For example, we have been able to reduce our spend on keyword groups that drive web conversions, but do not result in genuine leads. Likewise, we have been able to increase spend in the areas that drive good volumes of leads at good CPLs.”

With significant budget placed behind PPC and Social Paid, Daniel has been able to use Ruler’s data to protect his budgets and identify both cost savings and performance increases.

“Our spend has stayed consistent year on year, but as we’re now able to optimise based on all leads rather than web conversions, we’ve seen an 8% increase in leads and our cost per lead has reduced by 11%.

“At first glance, our generic paid search campaigns appeared more expensive due to the competitive nature of the keywords. Ruler’s offline conversion tracking discovered more leads had interacted with these campaigns, which had a big impact on our CPL and allowed us to be more focused on our spend.”

A helping hand

With each business being unique in their tech stack, marketing activity and reporting requirements, Ruler takes a consultative approach to implementation and customer success. Daniel mentioned how this helping hand has supported Moneypenny, “The customer success team at Ruler are great, we have had to look at a lot of bespoke integrations with the systems we use and Ruler have always come up with great solutions.”

The insight that Ruler’s closed loop marketing attribution provides is invaluable to marketing teams such as Moneypenny, who are looking to gain the full picture of the effectiveness of their campaigns, optimise performance and become more efficient with their marketing spend.

In summary, Ruler has proved a powerful tool for Moneypenny’s digital marketing reporting. Daniel said,

“Overall, Ruler Analytics has given us much greater visibility on where our leads are coming from, particularly when it comes to phone calls. Moreover, the insight that it has provided has allowed us to be much more intelligent with the way we optimise our paid media campaigns, meaning we can drive down CPLs whilst improving lead volumes. I’d thoroughly recommend any lead generation business utilise the Ruler Analytics platform.”

Editor’s Note: Ruler Analytics is an official Google partner. Our offline conversion tracking integrates with your website, CRM and Google Ads so that you can match leads to revenue and evidence which campaigns drove offline sales. Learn more here.

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