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Where to find clients & leads in Zoho

Where to find clients & leads in Zoho

Zoho is the driving force behind many marketers’ success. It’s an essential CRM tool for those wishing to build valuable relationships with the consumer.

Getting started with Zoho, however, comes with many questions.

First of all, how do you import leads into Zoho?

Finding clients & leads in Zoho

Finding where your clients and leads are collected in Zoho is the initial step before we get to import leads into Zoho.

From the Leads tab in Zoho, you can see all the data on your leads - and complete the tasks necessary in order to convert them into lifelong customers with your brand.

Here’s a bit more info on how you can work with Leads in Zoho.

  • Zoho takes each contact you’ve touched base with, from whichever source, and turns this into a lead. This lead is added into the Leads database.
  • You can assign rules to leads, meaning that as soon as a new lead pops up - this lead and any outstanding tasks will be assigned to a member of your sales team.
  • When your sales team member completes these tasks and opportunities, there is the potential for your lead to convert into a possible customer (Prospect), or a deal.
  • This is how Zoho manages the lead generation flow, defining whether your deals with leads have been won or lost.

How do you import leads into Zoho?

To import leads into Zoho, click the Leads tab to visit the Leads homepage.

  • You can import leads data to Zoho using either an Excel or CSV file.
  • Click the Import button in the top left and select Import Leads from the dropdown list.
  • Choose your leads file or drag and drop to upload.
  • You can either Add as new Leads, Update existing Leads only, or Both (merge both new and existing data).
  • Choose the option that works best for you and click Next.
  • Zoho will then automatically map fields from the import file you selected and pull them into Zoho CRM.
  • It might not do all of this accurately, so you can view Mapped vs. Unmapped data using the tab at the top. Enter any missing data or Create New Fields, and click Next once done.
  • Work through the Assignment Rules lists to assign tasks, owners, and tabs to your leads.
  • Once complete, click Finish. Zoho will then load your data into the CRM and you’re good to go!

Sounds a bit much to do manually when you’ve got so many other tasks on your plate? The good news is that you can automate all of this, and much more. Importing leads into Zoho automatically with Ruler Analytics saves resources, time, and money.

How can Ruler help import your leads to Zoho?

Ruler works to track each anonymous visitor to your site on an individual basis - across multiple sessions. It pinpoints the keywords, ads, traffic sources and other details that relate to their visit, and streamlines all this data by connecting each individual user to their marketing touchpoints.

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Ruler then works consistently to redirect all of this data directly to Zoho, so you can see the data exactly where it needs to be.

This gives you a much greater insight as to how your marketing campaigns are working, and which areas could do with some work. We’re the marketing attribution tool you’ve been looking for.

Automate lead generation with Ruler Analytics

Ruler dives deep into that essential information gathered about your leads, refining the info you have on your clients and pulling it all into the apps you love. 

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How they found your brand, where any marketing touchpoints have been, the finer details behind every interaction you’ve made with each lead, right at your fingertips and ready to be pushed into sales.

Book a Ruler Analytics demo to find out how we could transform your lead generation approach!

Alternatively, use our live chat tool to have your questions answered straight away. Select the bottom left hand corner icon on this page to begin a chat, and ask away.

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